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Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues

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Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/10/12 2:45 PM
The Picasaweb view counter has been malfunctioning for months. I assume Google is aware of this, but an update on progress might be in order now.

The problems:

1) views counts above 0 on just-uploaded photos to public albums that no one has yet viewed. In recent months, not a single photo I've uploaded has initialized at 0 views. All have shown between 2 and perhaps 12 views right away. I think everyone would agree that a view counter is worthless when it lacks credibility.

2) improbable discrepancies (over time) between view counts on adjacent photos; one photo might have 10 views, the next one 30, when one would expect a more even result from the standard sequential photo browsing style of most users. This discrepancy is pervasive enough across photos and albums that it's unlikely to be the result of selective promotion via third-party linking to individual photos and so forth.

3) strong suspicion that my own views are being counted. Why should this be, and who would want that? Isn't this easy enough to fix via IP blocking or cookies?

So what's the scoop, Google? This stuff matters.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues mike smith. 8/11/12 12:22 AM
Your Honor

In the case of 'user vs view counter' ...

May I open in defense of the accused

Many years ago when my client was first employed in the picasaweb site, his working conditions were very fair, and his task of counting all views of photos stored in the users Google account and posting his results in the picasaweb site including the owners views was successfully carried out

But as the years passed on, things changed, other sites now access those same photos, G+, Blogger. Groups, IGoogle, and so on and with Public content this can be accessed by anyone. Some users allow other sites and applications to access all their stored content with a few clinks of a button ...I present exhibit A to the jury

With all this extra workload and bright new features now being employed in user's Google accounts my client (who is old school in the way he does his job) is now struggling to keep up, and as a result over the past few years has suffered many nervous breakdowns, stress being the major factor here

I put to you...If the work of the view counter was so easy why doesn't G+ Albums employ a view counter !

Side note...Some users that have understood the view counters limitations have now turned to alternative photo tracking methods ... I present Exhibit B

I now rest my case for the defense

Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/11/12 11:05 AM
Hmmm... Very entertaining, but... Google might want to summon the spirit of the late Johnny Cochran if the goal is to successfully defend, in particular, something so egregious as exhibit A (problem #1) as delineated above.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues mike smith. 8/11/12 2:02 PM
Okay I will admit the view counter is up to a little bit of creative accounting, I've seen the same wild exaggerated counting going on in my own unlisted web this buggy view counter going to be fixed, or at least fixed soon...I have no idea

To be honest, the view counter is not a tool to be trusted (never has been) for starters it records your own views, it records each time your stored online photo (over a certain size) is called from the Google severs and that includes G+ Albums, And in my opinion the view counter was never designed for this type of use, users expect the view counter to only view other people viewing their picasa web album photos, as far as I know it's never worked like that :(

The only way you can get a real idea on your view count is by using Google Analytics the 'how to' set up steps are here
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/11/12 6:27 PM
Mike - I appreciate your responses and your candor - really! And I will readily admit that your command of the view counter's record of failure far surpasses my own knowledge on the subject. But c'mon - This is intended to be a social feature of Web Albums, otherwise why put it alongside the silly "like" button? It's supposed to log your visitor's views, not your own, not the server calls, and not the 10 ethereal poltergeists who somehow manage to view my photos within a nanosecond of being uploaded. To wit, the counter needs to behave as an honest broker or else it just breeds disharmony while it sits there sullying the general ambiance with its overtures of sweet nothings. That's no way to keep a photo-sharing community engaged; rather, it might just be grounds for an eventual divorce. They say the most toxic emotion in a relationship is resentment. I'm not sure yet, but I may just have to sleep in the other room tonight to make a point. Maybe I'll dream about my first love - a creaky, old Geocities website with an embedded hit tracker that, so far as I know, never once lied to me.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues mike smith. 8/12/12 11:09 AM
O dear, when you put it like that you have my full support, I totally agree with you, I withdraw my defense

All we can hope for is a sympathetic hearing...over to you Picasa Team

PS, I uploaded this especially for the view counter, and yes it received 8 view counts 40 minutes after the upload completed. It may not help directly, but hopefully will help someone higher up remember this thread
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues Phil KL 8/13/12 9:02 AM
Yeah, Mike and I have been putting up with this unreliable view counter that should be sent back to elementary school since we first saw it on day 1 a few years ago.  I had even recommended many times that Google remove it since no data is far better than bad data.

Well, at least you are getting counts as some people get stuck at 0 like forever.  Let's see what the team can come up with although I am not optimistic.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/13/12 9:07 PM
For the inside scoop, Mike's Analytics recommendation is obviously the way to go. As a social feature of web albums, how about switching to an album-level counter instead, assuming it might be easier to accurately track clicks that way, from each user's public home page. Side benefit: possibly no need to codify a fudge factor timeout for what constitutes a unique visit, since most users will only click an album gateway link once per [reasonable period of time].
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/15/12 9:06 PM
Here's an interesting set of circumstances:

I just uploaded 1 photo to my dropbox album. Initial view count: 2

Immediately moved said photo to a different album. View count of self-same photo jumps to 28!

For the sake of experimentation, moved the photo back to dropbox album. View count is now 29.

Finally, move it to the other album again. View count is back to 28!

So yes, no minor quibble at this point. Glad we're all in agreement and earnestly hoping for good things down the pike.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues Brian Rose 8/16/12 7:03 AM
We recently changed the view counter to update more frequently, instead of once every 24-48 hours. We also now include view counts from mobile users who view photos at smaller resolutions. Your own views of your photos are counted, and I'm unable to reproduce phantom view counts when moving a photo from an 'Only you' album to another 'Only you' album. When I move my photos from an 'Only you' album to a 'Public' album, then my view count increases but the gradual increase in view count seems accurate. When I view my photo that was moved from the 'Only you' source album to the 'Only you' destination album, my view counter counts 1 additional view as expected; however, moving the photo back to the source album reduces the view count, and I'm looking into it. It may be a cache issue that resolves itself with time, but I'll need to look into this further.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/16/12 10:35 PM
Thanks Brian. The view count anomalies when moving photos between albums is really a small potatoes issue when compared with the immediate phantom views (sometimes 10, 15, or more) that show up on every photo uploaded to any album, public or private. But one thing at a time - I'm ok with that, and maybe the other bugs will fall out with vigorous shaking. For whatever it's worth, my photo-move test case involved one private album (drop box) and one "anyone with the link" type album. I could do other tests of this issue, between a private and an overtly public album, between two public albums, etc. to see whether I (and we) see different results.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues mike smith. 8/16/12 11:12 PM
I can offer one theory for quite a few of those excessive view counts , and it's all to do with captions

Add a caption to a web album photo, and the web crawlers out there can't resist taking  peek at your photo, and I'm guessing here that this 'hit' is counted in the view count sometimes you have to ask yourself are my captions more attractive than the photo

IMHO,  the view counter simply needs filters added  to work effectively
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues NatureFootstep 8/17/12 10:46 AM
o. dear, I just posted the same question. Will it be dealth with?
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/17/12 11:19 AM
Mike - The initial "loading" of bogus view counts happens *the very second* the image is uploaded, before I've even had a chance to add captions. So we know the problem is internal to Google, right? And that's why we can't trust the view counter in general - because it lies to us from the moment it says hello.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues NatureFootstep 8/17/12 12:18 PM
It seems to me that the wild counting stops after visiting the shot and labeled it. After the initial no of many counts it seems like it is following what I see on my blog quite well. But I would not rely on it for sure.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues getrail 8/17/12 2:17 PM
@NatureFootstep - What you're describing is consistent with my experience. There's an initial slug of bogus view counts. After that, counter behavior becomes more normal-looking, but who really knows? It's like having to take a politician at their word.
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues bmoore09 9/9/12 6:35 PM
Yah, the view count is TOTALLY off. As soon as I uploaded an album I'll goto Picasaweb and it'll have 18 views. I didnt even share it with 18 people....its bogus
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues Garf255 9/12/12 8:00 AM
Hi All,

I'd like to add my thoughts into this if I may as I have had the same issue with the view count today.

I have uploaded to my Picasa web album some photos of our new baby today to share with family, it was set to Limited, only people with the link as we don't want photos of our newborn appearing in searches etc. I invited 5 family members via email to view the album. 

My Google login is not connected with any other Google services like G+, Blogger etc - I double checked in my account settings so I am under the impression that nothing else should be crawling\indexing\accessing the photos other than those 5 people I invited and myself.

So having set the album to Limited, I was shocked to see that one of the photo's had 7 views. I'm not bothered about how many views there are of the photo, I'm more concerned that the right people are viewing them and that they are not being viewed\accessed\indexed by people\bots that I don't want to.

I sincerely hope that it is the view counter being temperamental and that the limited permissions on the photos are in fact not that limited.

Is anyone able to shed any light on this?

Thanks a lot

Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues johnmperry 9/13/12 10:00 AM
And if you have a video, it has no view count whatsoever!
Re: Picasaweb View Count malfunction continues Cattails 10/8/12 10:57 AM
Glad I found this discussion. I have been wondering about the counts as well. I assumed that the views right after posting were from people catching the uploads from the Explore tab <> where you can see recently uploaded photos. I get anywhere from 0 to 4 or 5 views right away. The photos are visible there for just a few minutes and after that the unaccounted view counts stop. Just this past week, however all my view counts were reset to zero and I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. I'm new to this forum so I don't know if I am following established protocol here. Forgive me if i am replying in the wrong way.