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Creative Kit picasa 3.9

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Creative Kit picasa 3.9 ihatepolitics 5/15/12 7:06 PM
I had installed picasa yesterday,3.9 of course,when i open the creative kit,it says i need flash 10+ and i do,so all,can any of you hlp? thank you vry much
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 SanFranMan 5/15/12 10:02 PM
You don't say what operating system you are using , but I presume it is XP , Vista, Windows 7 , Mac or Linux

If so ,  go here and install Flash
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 norma42 5/19/12 1:28 PM
I have XP, Windows 7 and Flash 10...Creative Kit still will not work.  Can anyone help?
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 earlboss 5/19/12 1:43 PM
Hi did you really mean you have both Windows XP and Windows 7?  If so, does creative kit not work on either?
This is a long shot: Are you using Internet Explorer as your web browser?  If not you should make sure to install flash on it too, because picasa sometimes uses parts of IE even if it is not the default browser.
You should make sure adobe flash is enabled on your browsers add-ons, sometimes it was turned off for virus worries.
If win7 is 64 bit, make sure 64 bit flash was installed.
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 norma42 5/19/12 2:53 PM
I was wrong....I have Windows XP, and Internet Explorer 8 (I thought it was 7)...and Flash Player 10.  I do not have Google+.  I probably have Picasa 3.9 because there are more editing features now than of old.  Sooo, how come I am unable to use Creative Kit?  The photo I wish to edit arrives at Creative Kit and all of the features are listed but I can't use them....they look the same as Picnik.  I have been using Picasa for a number of years and really like it...I especially liked being able to click and go right to Picnik.  Hope you can help me sort this out.  Thanks.   
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 earlboss 5/19/12 3:09 PM
Hi Norma:
Maybe we can see if there is anything different about this.
Pickmonkey was started by Picnik people after it was closed. Maybe try it and see if the edit tools work there?
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 norma42 5/19/12 5:24 PM
I could crop one of their sample photos but could not do manual adjustments on color, exposure, etc  :(  By the way, thanks for taking time on this Earl..
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 norma42 5/19/12 5:56 PM
PickMonkey suggests IE9 and that is not suggested or available, as near as I can find, for Windows XP.  Wonder if thats the problem with Creative Kit?
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 Sanneke 7/16/13 2:15 AM
I have the same problem! Does anyone has a solution for this? Thanks! I/m using Windows 7 XP.
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 harshitaa diwaker 9/21/13 8:15 AM
helloo !! i have window 7 and i am not able to use the creative kit ... could u please guide me as wht is to be done 

Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 SusanneS. 9/21/13 8:35 AM
You have to create a G+ profile and you have to download Chrome.
Then the new editor (NOT Creative Kit!!!) should be working for you.

Creative Kit is gone and won't come back...for no one!
Re: Creative Kit picasa 3.9 hasnat khan 1/31/14 7:21 AM