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Pixel 3 overheating

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Pixel 3 overheating Satyanshuu Prakash 10/22/18 1:49 PM

I have recently purchased pixel 3 device. I am seeing issue of overheating while continuously using camera for 5-10 min and video call on whatsapp (15-20mins) 
Device shows message about the same. And gets turned off. 

Is anyone seeing such issue? 

Pixel 3 overheating bG 10/22/18 7:22 PM
Something about that is not normal.

Have you tested to see if you have the same results with the camera while the device is in Safe Mode?

Let us know!

(unknown) 10/24/18 5:48 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Pixel 3 overheating morrisonbrett 11/12/18 7:26 AM
Yes. I've seen the same behavior with using WhatsApp or Zoom while charging on the Pixel stand. They sent me a replacement device but it has the same issue. More detail here:
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Sibi George 12/11/18 9:42 AM
It is overheating during Whatsapp video call. I can feel the high temperature even on the phone case. I didn't had this issue with my previous moto g3.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Brian Fitzpatrick. 12/11/18 10:22 AM
While I don't use Whatsapp, I've never had this issue with my Pixel 3 while using the camera (I recently took a 10 min video) or while video chatting with Duo or Hangouts.

Are all of you having this issue with the camera? If so, do you get the overheating notification in Safe Mode while using the camera?
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Sibi George 12/12/18 9:54 AM
Yesterday I was able to use Whatsapp Video call for 45 minutes without any issue. Only difference with previous overheating scenario was, I was not charging the phone. I will update when I get more specific information.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Sibi George 12/13/18 7:24 PM
Again tried Whatsapp video call while charging, result overheating in 20 minutes. This tells me that Pixel Stand or any other charging "stand" may not be a right accessory for Pixel 3, a charging pad might be right and cost effective.
Pixel 3 overheating bG 12/13/18 11:14 PM
Hello again fellow Pixel user,

I am thinking along the same lines as Brian on this one. It could be an issue with those third party apps, specifically.

Have you tried to see if you have the same experience using Duo video calls?

Please do let us know!

Re: Pixel 3 overheating Barry Broman 1/30/19 5:17 PM
Pixel 3 128 GB Just black purchased off of the Google store. While using Google Duo, my phone overheated on a video call and dropped my cell service three times in one hour. It was not charging at the time. The cell service would drop off and not turn on until it cooled down. I have had the phone one week and it has happened multiple times. Not to mention display issues. I have a warranty ticket in right now. I need to send pictures in for the display issues. 
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Sibi George 1/31/19 7:37 AM
I am facing overheating only when charging + video calling. Otherwise I can use Whatsapp video call for an hour without any issue. So I think a replacement device may fix your issue. Try to update the device before that.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating neobie_net 2/1/19 9:46 AM
For no reason my phone is hot too even not running anything.  Pixel 3 XL.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Barry Broman 2/1/19 9:58 AM
For mine I started a warranty claim on mine. I am just waiting on my instructions to ship my device to them. They gave me a huge list on what to do (which I had already tried) but my argument was, this is not normal behavior for a mobile device, and they then offered the replacement. Sorry to hear that you are having similar issues. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this and take this seriously. 
Re: Pixel 3 overheating morrisonbrett 2/1/19 10:53 AM
My bet is that your replacement device will exhibit the exact same behavior as your original one. The problem is inherent in the phone's design + latest software, and there is nothing physically defective with your original device.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating April may June 2/1/19 9:46 PM
I think you guys are right. My Pixel 3 XL  gets really hot just charging with no apps running. I got a replacement stand, thinking it was the stand. It did the same thing.
Re: Pixel 3 overheating April may June 2/1/19 9:47 PM
Barry, can you let us know what happens with the replacement?
Re: Pixel 3 overheating Barry Broman 2/2/19 8:38 AM
April may June, I am shipping the device to them today. I will keep you posted on getting the new one and how it behaves. I am sorry to hear that your phone is doing the same. Hopefully this all gets sorted out. And hopefully it is a software update from being solved as Morrisonbrett is saying. It is possible that there was nothing wrong physically with it, other that the screen issues it had as well.