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social kkgdgd 8/20/12 10:09 PM
我被不明人士24小時,監視,騷擾,恐嚇,跟蹤,辱罵,在房間做舍麼,上舍麼網,他們都知道,從99年4月底到現在,房間不知從那傳來罵人和敲擊的聲音,跟人講電話時手機還傳來罵人的聲音,我的門號跟無線網路都是遠傳的,上班的時候也是,騎車時也跟著罵,我在東京都的駐點俠隱社區當夜班保全,另一個保全是趙忠賢,還會讀心術,我心理想舍麼他們都知道,有人證,也可以測謊,有不少住戶知道,他們一直想整死我,之前住在臺灣新竹縣湖口鄉信勢村龍安街40號b11室跟b13室,目前住新竹縣湖口鄉明德街冠湖大樓60-9號3樓 ,電話0976063802,名字是黃伯策,還有很多沒講,事情是我在大陸時開始的,二個,但我在台灣時已經被他們盯上了,我姑姑,爸爸,二哥,奶奶都知道
一直用奇怪的聲音干擾我和我周圍人的神經.我身上有錄到一些證據.車號751bsk L2j212 5436vz可能是 讀心術是完全一字不漏把我腦中所想講出來 另外還有很多沒講的 我有上傳一些影片到youtube 我的頻道上 我可能會失蹤 被逼瘋 逼死 意外身亡 我身體本來就差 他們會找很多方法弄死我又能讓其他人以為跟他們沒關桸 或找不知道的人弄死我 期間我聽到有住戶說財團兩個字
 2012/8/20 (Monday) 2:47 PM I was unknown people 24 hours, monitored, harassment, intimidation, track, insults, in room do homes Mody, Shang homes Mody network, they are know, from April 99 end of to now, room does not know from that came curse and percussion of sound, with people told phone Shi phone also came curse of sound, I of door, with wireless network are is far pass of, work of when is, bike Shi also followed scolded, I in Tokyo of resident points Grand implicit community Dang night preservation, another preservation is officials, also will read indicates, I heart ideal homes Mody they are know, was card, also can measuring lie, has many households know, they has been wanted to whole died I, zhiqian live in Taiwan Hsinchu County Hukou Township letter potential village long street 40th, B11 room with B13 room, currently live Hsinchu County Hukou Township Ming de Street Crown Lake building 60-9, 3 floor, Tel: 0976063802, is the name he rummages about strategy, there are many didn't talk to, things started when I was on the Mainland, for two, but I am in Taiwan had been when they were looking at, my aunt, father, brother, grandmother knowHas been with strange of sound interference I and I around people of neural. I body has recorded to some evidence. car, 751bsk L2j212 5436vz may is read indicates is full a words does not leak to I brain in the by wanted to told out also also has many didn't told of I has upload some movie to YouTube I of channel Shang I may will missing was forced mad forced died accident died I body originally on poor they will found many method kills I also can let other people thought with they didn't closed XI or found does not know of people kills I I heard during a household word said that the Consortium
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