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We need Old Orkut back

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We need Old Orkut back SumeshKs 5/21/12 2:07 AM
We need Old Orkut back,
hate this new is useless
Re: We need Old Orkut back °ღ•Roshan°ღ• 5/21/12 3:16 AM
Hi SumeshKs,

Sorry to Say that Old Version of Orkut Is Removed Permanently, And we cannot Use the Old Version again More, But We can Try the "Classic View of Orkut" Which is Quite Similar to the Old Version of Looks. If you have any Problem regarding the New Version of Orkut then Free feel to Post Here, we will try to Help you as Possible. If you want to Any suggestion, feedback about the New Looks of Orkut then Please Post that in Offcial Community as well as Here.