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Indexing Issue

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Indexing Issue Daniel-Zolmax 6/24/12 4:55 AM
Hi - 

Several weeks ago, our news website ( started to incorrectly appear in Google News as "Junction Report". A little over a week ago, we received an email from Google News's Help email about the removal of (not our website or related in any way to Zolmax News) from Google News's index. We took the email with a grain of salt since it wasn't related to our website.

A few days ago, content from Zolmax has recently stopped appearing in Google News and Webmaster Tools is reporting the domain as an unknown news website. We have not received any communication from Google about the site's status in Google News.

The site is featured in both Bing News and Topix's News Search service and we hope that it will continue to be indexed in Google News.

Would someone from Google look into the aforementioned domain and let us know what the issue is?


Re: Indexing Issue Chris_Andrews 6/24/12 7:03 AM
Hi Daniel,

The Google News staff will be able to take a look at this on Monday when they get in, I'll give them a heads up on it,

Re: Indexing Issue Seth_JR 6/27/12 11:25 AM
Hi Erick 

I hope you will help both of us to solve our problem, Our website stop indexing on Google News from 5th of June, On 5th June it stop indexing on Google normal search and Google news both, I check the webmaster and webmaster was giving no error. I check both normal site map ( and Google News site map ( both where fine and there was zero error. It was 1st time happen on 1st of June but the next day it got fixed automatically. So on 5 June I thought may be its little bug at Google technical end so I thought I should wait for a day or two that it will be fixed automatically. But on 8th June I was shocked when Google News sitemap give error that we don't find your website in our database. I have received no email from Google News team that either our website got delist or something. I just go over everything on my website to check that if there is any issue on my end but everything looks fine to me. I am following all the quality guidelines you mention.

One thing interesting happen 4 days back all of sudden news site map again got indexed, I thought issue is solved but after 6 to 7 hours again the same message appears. Please just let both us now what actually happen to us? How our publication name get listed under their name? 

Erick I hope you will also answer on this?


Web admin
Junction Report

Re: Indexing Issue Erik S. 6/29/12 8:57 AM
Hey Daniel,

We've updated your site's information in our system-- we should start crawling it again within a few days.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue,

Re: Indexing Issue Daniel-Zolmax 6/30/12 11:39 AM
Erik - Thank you so much for your assistance!