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Eric and bobbygunn Please help - Indexing Issue

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Eric and bobbygunn Please help - Indexing Issue Seth_JR 6/12/12 1:07 AM



I am web admin of Our website stop indexing on Google News from 5th of June, On 5th June it stop indexing on Google normal search and Google news both, I check the webmaster and webmaster was giving no error. I check both normal site map ( and Google News site map ( both where fine and there was zero error. It was 1st time happen on 1st of June but the next day it got fixed automatically. So on 5 June I thought may be its little bug at Google technical end so I thought I should wait for a day or two that it will be fixed automatically. But on 8th June I was shocked when Google News sitemap give error that we don't find your website in our database. I have received no email from Google News team that either our website got delist or something. I just go over everything on my website to check that if there is any issue on my end but everything looks fine to me. I am following all the quality guidelines you mention.


Then I start searching and find same kind threat on this link (!searchin/news/indexing$20issue/news/IQsSAHI0s7o/NAKzbB2lRCQJ )

I am just wondering how we can fix this issue, I hope eric and inbal you both can help me or guide me about this issue. Bobbygunn I need your guidance if you can guide me what should I do now?



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Re: Eric and bobbygunn Please help - Indexing Issue Erik S. 6/12/12 1:31 PM
This issue has been addressed in the direct correspondence numbered 1049024937.


Re: Eric and bobbygunn Please help - Indexing Issue Seth_JR 6/13/12 7:58 AM
Thanks for Your reply Eric.

We didn't received any email from Google yet, Please can you re-sent that mail on seth(@) so we can exactly know what is the problem?


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Re: Eric and bobbygunn Please help - Indexing Issue Patrick333 6/13/12 3:41 PM

exactly the same issue here (site-name:
News-Sitemap ( hasn´t an error, but we are still indexed in Google(organic). Only the News-Search isn´t indexing since 13th June.
Webmastertools says "Unknown news site"

I hope you can Seth + me :(