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freee journalism?

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freee journalism? lois69 4/16/12 6:31 AM
dear google news team!

I own the news blog Yesterday I had the article
The banker of the Devil posted
This morning I had some nasty comments to it. 2 hours later my adsense account was closed because of illegal clickings.

it's not too easy to be an free journalist inĀ phuket thailand. the last the killed in January. He had two bullets in the head 2 in body See report here. In January, my first domain blocked by google adsense - illegal clickings. my incomeĀ  for a total of 4 months were collected by google. are you working for the mob?
Re: freee journalism? Erik S. 4/16/12 10:07 AM
Hi lois69,

Please check out the AdSense support forum, located here, to inquire about the matter with other publishers and AdSense TCs/Googlers.