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Greater indexing isssues?

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Greater indexing isssues? RonnieStevens 6/12/12 5:53 AM
Are there indexing issues going on with Google News?  When I do a site search for various sites, I'm only getting results for the last couple of days.  Has anyone else been experiencing similar issues?
Re: Greater indexing isssues? ShaneBreen 6/12/12 9:55 AM
Our site stopped indexing yesterday morning in Google News. Can't seem to get any help:( 

If anybody is looking at this please help. Here is our info

Re: Greater indexing isssues? gatlin28 6/12/12 10:03 AM
We are seeing the same thing (on, and it just started happening yesterday. We also just started receiving the following error for the news sitemap for that site:

Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database. Google News can only accept Sitemaps from sites that we crawl. If your site is crawled by Google News, please check that the URL of your Sitemap agrees with the URLs of your articles as they appear on Google News, including any leading "www". If you would like to request inclusion of your site in Google News, please contact the Google News support team. 
Re: Greater indexing isssues? RonnieStevens 6/12/12 10:18 AM
This is the issue I'm seeing across my site as well as many others.  The indexing will temporarily stop and articles will only go back a week or so when doing the site search.  Is someone from Google able to weigh in here?
Re: Greater indexing isssues? Erik S. 6/12/12 2:06 PM
Hi everyone,

The team is currently looking into this issue. Thanks for your patience.