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Not showing in G news ?

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Not showing in G news ? Online1 7/3/12 6:20 AM

We seem to have an issue with our site in G news, up until recently everything was fine. But for some reason now our news is not showing in Google News.

Webmaster tools shows "unknown sitemap". yet it is picking up all the details of the news.

We have received no email regarding exclusion?

Can someone please let us know if the site is still within the G news database or if it is different type of problem.

I tried to see if i could contect Erik, as it seems he is one of main contributers but cannot find anyway to contact him directly.
Re: Not showing in G news ? Chris_Andrews 7/3/12 11:06 AM
Hi Online1,

If your site has been taken out, you will usually see an 'unknown site' error.

You might want to really scour your junk mail box and logs to see if you were sent an email from Google. They would have sent one to the address you originally applied with, unless you have asked them to change it,