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Google News Indexing Issue

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Google News Indexing Issue Movie TV Tech Geeks News 5/3/12 3:52 PM
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: 

My site's URL (web address) is:

For some reason there seems to be a hangup with google news indexing my articles and even just as a regular article in General Google area.  I've not had any issues like this before, but suddenly Google hasn't indexed the latest articles in either News or regular which has never happened before.  I checked Google Webmaster Tools and there aren't any errors showing up.  I also checked sitemaps, and they're fine even going so far as to test my news sitemap which also came back with no errors.  I went through all the FAQ's and everything is checking out.  I also did the GoogleFetchBot and everything looks fine.

In my weblog, GoogleBot is definitely visiting the site too.  

I don't know if the new algorithm change is causing some indexing glitches today.

Just another example is a story we posted on our site:

In the past year, Google has always indexed within minutes since we're in Google News, but beginning yesterday, there's a huge lag where they don't even get listed in the regular Google Search.  I've gone through all the FAQ's and Google Webmaster Tools, but everything is checking out fine so I'm just trying to see if there's something else I need to do.  Our site hasn't changed and content is always original and timely and thus why I'm inquiring so much about this change.  

I know Google doesn't have to index, but when they've been doing it for so many years one way, when there's such a drastic change, you need to find out why.  The articles we posted yesterday slowly came up on regular Google Search after many hours long after  we broke the story and this current one today is still not indexing in anything.  With Google News, I know the spiders keep constant check on sites they index for that, and since we do several original content stories daily, I'm just a little perplexed.  We do the News Sitemap which is in proper format too.

Any help or if I should just try to e-mail Google direct with this query would be greatly appreciated.  Our site did a new template, but that was over a month ago, and until yesterday afternoon, every article was getting indexed immediately.

Hopefully I was able to cover everything for better understanding.


Re: Google News Indexing Issue JasonF9999 5/3/12 6:53 PM
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Movie TV Tech Geeks News 5/3/12 8:43 PM
Thanks.  Yeah, that's why I did the post on her since I tried all the other options to make sure there wasn't any site errors, or problems in Webmaster Tools.  This started yesterday afternoon and then today we had actually broken the Joseph Gordon-Levitt story, but since it never got indexed in any form on Google, every other site was able to snag it.

Since we've not had anything like this happen before, I'm just perplexed as our site has always ranked well and is Highly Cited very often with our breaking news stories.

Hopefully someone will have an answer.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Movie TV Tech Geeks News 5/4/12 6:31 PM
Just checking in to see if anyone might have an answer to the issue.  

I did another breaking news piece today and it didn't get picked up in any form from Google either like yesterday's and checked off all the FAQ stuff again and even contacted my hosting provider to make sure there was no issue with server blocks.  Still no issue on Webmaster tools or anything else.

When I searched about this I noticed a lot of people were having issues and hopefully someone from Google or even on here will have some advice on what to do or if it's just something we have to ride and hope for the best.  Never having this happened before like this in all these years of having the site is just very odd.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue gingee86 5/5/12 2:09 PM
I'm more than curious as to why certain people get answers and other don't even though they have similar problems.  Kinda sucks if you have a site that might not be so big as I noticed that the really big sites seem to be getting faster help than smaller ones.  That's sad!
Re: Google News Indexing Issue charliesparks 5/5/12 2:27 PM
ginegee  i couldn't agree with you more.  i feel bad for people having smaller sites as it looks like they're pretty much stuck on their own.  thanks for putting this on your Twitter feed Best Movies as we're retweeting it to help you find an answer or maybe google will actually realize that there are people in need of help that can't get it on these boards where they sent you for help!!!
Re: Google News Indexing Issue JamiesWay 5/5/12 2:35 PM
there has got to be much better people to help this guy get an answer than this!  that's just ridiculous and i can see all these other people gettting help so what gives google people on here???/  please help people.  if this is the best kind of answer you have for people in need then it doens't look good for your company at all
Re: Google News Indexing Issue grissygirl 5/5/12 2:51 PM
right on gin i hate the way the bigger companies get they forget the medium to smaller size people.  please someone help this guy out.  i actually love the site and we've got our rupaul girls retweeting to help get this site back on track!  someone here has gotta be able to push this along.  it's easy to forget that these sites do rely on advertisers to survive and ignoring them will just kill them off   is anyone listening!!!!!>?>>>>>>>
Re: Google News Indexing Issue ardwood 5/5/12 3:05 PM
i've been through this before with google trying to get an answer to help and nothing.  i wound up just pulling my site last year when I was following all the google guidelines but when the indexing problems started they just ignored my pleas.  sadly the people on the forum seem to be just as inept and unresponsive to real people as last year.  it's just sad since they definitely seem to chase after the larger sites to appease them and let the smaller ones to fend for themselves.  just sad Google people and you should be ashamed of yourselves for not doing better.  this is the only venue we have to get help and there just doesn't seem to be any.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue beryllei 5/5/12 3:14 PM
guys sadly this is just becoming the reality of google.  they're huge they know it and if your site suffers then that's your problem even if they constantly changing things is the cause.  these googlesters on here are a freaking joke and you would think the big G would at least hire knowledgeable people since they don't let you contact them on the phone or any other way except for here if your issue doesn't fit into their very small list of things you can contact them about.  problems that can royally mess up someone's business online is just their concern.  im amaze that there are so many news sites that are having these types of issues and it just doesn't seem to least by looking on this forum. 
Re: Google News Indexing Issue deloresswats 5/5/12 3:20 PM
you tell em beryllei. glad to know I'm not the only one who's just as angry at the lack of help in this forum.  it's just sad and great to see that I'm not alone.  I feel bad for this guy's site since it looks great and you would think they would want to keep good ones around over all those awful spam ones that seem to exist no matter how many of the algorithm changes the google people do.  why not focus on good sites and help them out rather than ignoring them or having people on these forums who obviously ignore them.  I'm RT'ing that tweet too Best Movies to make sure you get some support!
Re: Google News Indexing Issue gladchristian 5/5/12 4:25 PM
Does this person actually work at this forum?????  That is just a ridiculous answer and just makes me shake my head.  It's no wonder why our country is having so many problems with workers like this. That poor man just trying to get an answer and that's the best Google could give him?  C'mon there's got to be somone much more qualified.    I'm definitely writing about this on my blog.

On Thursday, May 3, 2012 8:53:50 PM UTC-5, JasonF9999 wrote:
Re: Google News Indexing Issue fatimalucas 5/5/12 4:41 PM
Jeez! I was thinking the exact same thing and then scrolled down when I saw people responding to the absolutely asinine response.  sadly, there's more people responding to the stupidity of this forum response than to actually finding an answer for the person who asked.  that seems to be the way it works in here I guess. sad state of affairs.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Movie TV Tech Geeks News 5/5/12 5:00 PM
wow, that's a lot of replies, but like the last person said, it's frustrating that there's been no answer (aside from that one person who I'm doubting actually works on this forum) from anyone in charge.  I found it weird that other sites with similar issues but not as complex are getting answers rather quickly.  

I've sent e-mails and have continued updates on this forum hoping that one of the people who keep answering everyone's else's issues will respond but to no avail.  Thanks for everyone to responding to my plea on Twitter and Facebook trying to get an answer.  It's going on day 4 and no response whatsoever which is just shocking.  Obviously not shocking to the people responding in here, but since our site has done all the right things that Google suggested and said you had to, I figured that there would be much more support when things went awry.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Robert Gunnells 5/5/12 11:40 PM
I see articles indexed as of 4 hours ago and a few minutes ago at 230 am eastern US time. GNews has hiccups at times. Keep monitoring this and see if it has been fixed. If it returns, post the url to your news sitemap. If you would like you can email it to me through my profile. You should check your sitemap plugins to make sure you are getting them rebuilt properly. I know I had trouble with my regular sitemap plugin after the last update from wordpress. Not getting indexed in regular google is another problem altogether but it does suggest something has changed on your site and not in google. In my experience, when sites have both problems with news indexing and google indexing it has been a site issue but that is not 100% of the time. Another thing you could try is to roll back your site update and ses how that works. You didn't specify what kind of updates you did but if it was a theme change then that could be an issue.

As far as all the posts about how bad it is with the help here. You can look at all the threads here and see an actual Google Employee here answering questions every day. Erik is dedicated and doesn't care whether your site is big or small. As one of the few TC's here. We are volunteers and help people on our own time. We don't get compensation for it other than the gratitude of people we have helped. Sorry if we can't get to every question but we have sites ourselves and also regular jobs too. I myself try to have hangouts weekly to address people's problems here and come here for at least an hour each day.

Hope that helps, you can always add me to your circles and correspond to me there if you need more help but try the forum here first.
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Movie TV Tech Geeks News 5/6/12 2:08 PM
Thanks bobbygunn.

I understand that there can be hiccups, but I think when it was such a complete stoppage with no understandable reason that was my concern and why I posted the query.  I think anyone with a site that does news know, advertisers are not nearly as understanding when these things happen.  Oddly enough, it seemed like after all the activity yesteray (although I know it's not related) suddenly the indexing issue stopped.  I think that can also be my e-mailing google directly too trying to figure out if it was a site problem or not.  Nothing on the site was changed since the problem started so fingers crossed it's fixed or just running normally again.

That sucks you all don't get compensated for your time and that could be why frustrations mount since there's so few of you to help and you're not doing it under the auspices of Google.  When Google is telling us with issues to post them here, there's an expectation that this is their version of support, but with your saying that, it's obviously not.  Just some people giving their time trying to help which I definitely appreciate.  It's tough with sites anyway once you get your audience and traffic growing rapidly, we know you can lose them in an instant when issues like this arise.  It's one thing if your site has a problem, but when everything's checking out and you're at wits end, it will lead to trying to get help any way you can.  I had posted on my twitter account hoping someone else with a similar problem might have an answer...I didn't think it would lead to an outpouring of other people's frustration with the forum so apologize about that.  I think you could see in my posts I was getting desperate to get my site back on track.

Thanks for getting back after the indexing began though to let me know.

Re: Google News Indexing Issue Robert Gunnells 5/6/12 3:23 PM
Keep monitoring your site and let me know if the issue returns. Now a little more about the forum:

"That sucks you all don't get compensated for your time"
While I don't get paid to be here, I do get a lot of compensation. It comes from gaining new friends, figuring out answers to problems, and actually it is  a little therapeutic relief. By helping here, I gain knowledge and that knowledge make me better prepared to deal with stuff that comes up on my own site. so the compensation is there, it is just monetary.

" When Google is telling us with issues to post them here, there's an expectation that this is their version of support, but with your saying that, it's obviously not."

I don't think you got the point I made. Google Employees are regularly here giving support. We can get in touch with them when an issue has been vented and beyond any help we can give. The forum is users helping other users and Erik (who is a Google Employee) is on this forum every day giving advice. So they do support this forum very well. I think if you will look back at all the threads you started here, you will see that I replied to one on the 3rd that you posted on the 2nd and asked you to monitor it a few more days and report back. If you had replied again to that thread, it would have sent me a notification and we could have looked into a few more things. If I could not have figured out the problem than I could have asked Erik to take a look at their end and see if there was a problem. Part of the problem here with your case is that you had multiple threads.

Glad everything is working out with the site though!

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Re: Google News Indexing Issue runnersweb 5/17/12 5:06 AM

I run

Google News has been indexing our news since they started their beta program.

Suddenly they have stopped indexing. I have made no changes. Can you help?


Re: Google News Indexing Issue runnersweb 5/17/12 6:58 AM
I have tried the :Fetch as Google" command on the Tools page to submit a single page and it says the page has been submitted for Indexing but it does not show up in News.

This is really hurting my site as we got a lot of traffic through Google News. If there is anyone out there who can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Seth_JR 6/12/12 5:44 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google News Indexing Issue Seth_JR 6/12/12 5:44 AM
Re: Google News Indexing Issue RubenO 12/10/14 9:11 AM
Hi Robert.

I know its an old thread, but you mention that at times when you make Theme changes inclusion into Google News will stop.  Are there any tips on getting back to Google news if a theme change did occur? my site:

Thank you
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