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Attention Publishers: Site Removals

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Attention Publishers: Site Removals Harvey P. 2/14/11 12:44 PM
Hello News Publishers and Forum Users,

In the hope of providing the best news sources to our users, we periodically review sites in our database. Sometimes, we include or remove sites based on a series of quality guidelines. We are committed to applying these guidelines fairly across every site we review.

Some publishers have recently expressed frustration in the forum following the removal of certain sites from Google News. While we encourage publishers to seek help and advice from other publishers, Google employees don’t comment publicly on why a specific site has been removed from Google News.

Our team will continue posting in this forum. We’ll always provide technical know-how or advanced troubleshooting whenever possible. However, when it comes to questions seeking input about a site’s removal, our team will not provide public feedback. For any sites that have been notified of rejection or removal, we encourage you to contact us through our Help Center, found here:

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we can’t promise personalized responses for every email.  We’re sorry for any frustrations this may cause, but we will conduct a thorough review of your site and take the appropriate action for our users and our partner sites.

As always, we appreciate your enthusiasm for Google News.

Harvey and the Google News Team
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Cjnews 2/14/11 7:03 PM
Harvey P.- Thanks for the update. Your views seems to be fair enough.

With my past good experience with Help Center, I suggest everybody to use it as frequently as possible.

Direct all your queries to Help Center, found here: as Harvey has mentioned.

This is more so when we are questioning  "discretionary" issues like approval or rejection of a site, subjective decisions regarding quality of contents, delisting of already approved sites, relisting of delisted sites, time taken to approve a site, comparison of two sites (one listed and other rejected) etc.

These issues are better handled by Google through the above mentioned contact form.

Finally, expecting a Google employee to personally answer any or all questions put in Help Forum is out of question. It would be better if we act upon the guidance and suggestions provided by our own friends in the Help Forum.

Only in exceptional cases Google employee may come and answer our questions.

All the best to all.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals cricket121 2/15/11 5:38 AM
If I am right then "How To" articles are not allowed in Google News but some of the big sites are publishing these.

I want to know if  websites publishing "How To" articles along with "News" articles get included in Google News.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals erku 2/15/11 7:46 AM
Thank you Harvey fair post. I would like to ask the following.

1. When does the 30 day period end. Does it end 30 days after the last news story is indexed in G News? Let's say the last story is indexed Jan. 19, does the 30 day end Feb 19? I am asking this because in our case we noticed the removal last week. When we checked G News we noticed last story indexed Jan. 19.

2. I also have noticed Big News Sites publishing How to stories, which are against your guidelines, as they are not news stories. In the past I have asked from G News clearer guidelines on the definition of what is news. I understand this is difficult. Would you consider creating a special provision for How To Stories in Google News? You currently have News, and Blogs ( which is news analysis). Why not creating a special How to section if the question is so important for many sites?

Sometimes one cars a travel story. A travel story many times is a not a news story or not even an opinion on news, if we don't send those stories to G News, that means excluding an entire seasonal big industry from G News. Is my assumption correct?

For publishers I suggest you do this:

Create a special page, where you will list your latest news
Create a special page where you will list your latest news analysis (opinion on news)
Share those pages with Google News when you apply to be included.

Thank you Harvey.

Best regards

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Dh.P 2/15/11 12:37 PM
@NewGuy1970 - I definitely agree with most of the points you have made and would add that journalism is all about freedom of speech, presenting the facts and expressing the views, so if some bunch of readers do not agree with the viewpoint of a publishing house, the later doesn't own an apology & neither it should be penalized by Google specially without even letting the publishers know about the mistakes they have committed in the eyes of Google news and team.

I'm sure it would not eat up huge time of Google employees (who are considered as specialist and hold high IQ level) to add a reason line to the standard email usually sent and let those guys know the mistakes which they are making, as from the way I see, it is very possible as it has been clearly defined that the review process is manual and governed by any algorithm to approve orreject the sites.

@Cjnews - I understand that you also hold the freedom of speech and can express yourself, but the troubled publishers like Zennie, NewGuy1970 & many more would not like to hear the same thing from you which Google Employees have already mentioned. If you are posting all these replies just to raise your Level here, I would suggest you to refrain yourself from these activities.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Cjnews 2/15/11 8:04 PM
@ Dh.P

No I am not interested in any ranking or have any other vested interest. I just expressed my views that also covering much wider areas than originally suggested in this thread.

Google help forum has many many similar posts and having a single thread carrying maximum opinions would definitely be beneficial.

Of course, some may like my views and others may not like it. But that is irrelevant for me as my limited purpose is to provide my inputs so that somebody may be benefited.

You seem to be under stress and this may be the reason why you reacted like this.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Todd Nemet 2/17/11 3:12 PM
I was just debugging a friend's news site and it turned out to be a WordPress plugin called "Bad Behavior," which was returning a 403 to Googlebot requests. You may want to update or remove this plugin if you are seeing lots of 403s in your crawl errors and haven't had anything indexed since about 2/10.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals nextgeneric 2/18/11 3:29 PM
I just get the same, automated reply when I contact Google. I haven't been told privately what's wrong with, and I've been left in the dark. This has devastated our traffic levels, but we continue to march forward.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Todd Nemet 2/22/11 11:33 AM
@NewGuy1970, just saw your post. Sorry the delay. I saw a bunch of 403s in the crawler errors. Also, Fetch as Googlebot for the home page returned a 403, while using curl on the site from my home IP returned a 200.

The sitemap file couldn't be downloaded either.

Once I disabled the plugin, the site was included in Google News within hours. I feel your pain about spambots though. On this blog, Askimet is doing a good job.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals C Scripts 2/22/11 8:51 PM
Our website which was crawled for last 4-5 years was suddenly stopped crawling since 2/19/2011.. Any help will be much appreciated..
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Rohit1989 2/24/11 6:52 AM
Here is another example of how these big news publishers use Google news to generate traffic for their e-commerce stores, just because of poor response from the end users.

Go to
Select news section or set your Google news country as India
Enter the term, blackberry storm 9530
Go to the first result

Please share your thoughts on the this.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Cjnews 2/24/11 7:53 AM

Such sites do no qualify to be included in Google news. Even if they have been listed, they must be delisted.

I do not know how others can be punished for better contents in similar situation.

See for example.

There at least Sarah and others are providing genuine contents and analysis and not pure e-commerce activities.

If Google does not consider such sites to be fit for inclusions, purely e-commerce sites and commercial sites must definitely not be part of Google News.

Hope Google take note of the same.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Rohit1989 2/28/11 4:10 AM
Here is a third example of this type of e-commerce stores promotion:
go to Google news India and enter term as, flipkart

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals edevnetwork 3/4/11 7:10 AM
Hi,  Our site was removed from Google News in October. Since we have made changes to the site and want to resubmit to Google News. What is the procedure for resubmitting? Is there a form to be filled or its the same procedure as submitting a new site?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/4/11 11:41 AM
yeah I just got an email saying my website was removed. Problem is that I have been with google news for over two years.. have been following the google guidelines, haven't changed anything. in fact we even state the authors on my website ( It is updated, fresh news articles. I don't get why it has been removed but if anything please keep it up on google news. We were happy being part of google news, followed the guidelines that google news provided us.

I am a little sad to be honest that there was no 'reason' given to us from google news people. Just a normal generated email. It didn't explain the reason,etc. WE didn't do anything wrong we know  because we haven't changed anything on the website, if anything we have improved our website over the two years we were on google news. Please don't take us off of there.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals amylabroo 3/4/11 2:04 PM
Hi - I am not sure why my sitemap for news all of a sudden is not being accept by Google. can you please let me know?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals edevnetwork 3/4/11 10:40 PM
Can anyone advise how to resubmit the site on Google News after the mandatory 30 days period since removal?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Rohit1989 3/7/11 2:43 AM

It is just like you submit it previously.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/7/11 8:11 AM
Does google employees actually respond to emails or look at this support forum?!?!? I don't get why I got an automated reply saying my site is being taken off of google news and my site was on there for nearly 2 yrs! We follow the rules!

we don't want to be taken off! We have been working hard for the past few years and even harder when we got accepted into google news.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/8/11 7:17 AM
what are some good websites like content news?

I was reading Gawker had an issue recently, I think they were kicked out of GN but now they are back in there. I wish the people who work for google would respond to discussions otherwise having is kind of pointless...
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals chipandco 3/9/11 10:42 AM
I have been reading this thread and wondered why my site Disney News site was blacklisted. I see other Disney News sites that are identical to mine that are still alive in kicking. We have been listed as a Disney News Source for the past 2 years+ as well and since being pulled my numbers are tanking. 

While I am no where near as big or as well known as you guys are it really kills a site like mine. I have lost over 6000 views a day when I used to get 10k. 

Thank you google for killing the small business man.

Chip of Chip and Company
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/10/11 12:25 AM
I don't think there are humans who respond to google news support. There used to be but now I see that they don't answer emails or what not. It seems they take off sites without giving a warning or emailing them first ..they should give a warning and the person should be able to explain such and such why something is the way it is and thus they should keep the site on there a little longer.

I emailed the support, even responded to my ticket and yet no response. It has been a week. When my site was accepted nearly 2 years ago, I would get a response instantly.

I wonder what happened? Did someone get butt hurt and email  google news support "omg that isn't a news website.. or they copied from another news website" and then google support doesn't look at the website, they just automatically send an email to the website owner "website to be removed in 30 days from google news" ??? Because that is what it seems to be happening. Nice they don't listen to the website owners..

and fyi, what is the point of google support forums?? Seems there is no human being from google to respond. If they need people to work for them, I am sure us posting on these forums could help....
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/10/11 4:03 PM
well I just got a response. .shocking! lol a 'robot' email:

"Thank you for your note. Although we're unable to provide specific
suggestions at this time, we sincerely appreciate your interest in Google
News and your willingness to provide your articles to us. As we mentioned
in our previous email, we'll log your site for future consideration.

Thanks for your interest in Google News.

The Google News Team"

nice they took the time to read my email. NOT!!!! I don't think they cared what I had to say. So annoyed with them. I mean if you are following the rules and already in google news and still following the rules why be kicked out? There are websites out there who don't follow the rules are still on there ::ahem::, one author. You can't be one author to be on google news. And that dude makes a lot of mulah.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals aeyweb 3/11/11 7:00 PM
well would be nice professional google news team to provide and explain why or how sites has been removed from google news because last time l found even porn in google news and reward my site now been removed with out any reason.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals erku 3/16/11 1:41 PM
Hi Harvey,

As an honest publisher, I also add my voice to those here in this forum that think that it would be very helpful if Google News would tell publishers why their site is removed. For example it's one thing that you want to not tell a blogger, but if a site that has a reporting team of 6-10 people it's another thing.

Perhaps it is best if you establish a criteria when to tell and when not to tell. example, if a site has minimum of 10 reporting-team, perhaps it's worth telling the site the reason so they can quickly fix. No one is infallible and it will be much appreciated if because of a single or small oversight 10 families don't loose their daily bread.

Any chance this policy will be reviewed?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewsMaker 3/16/11 11:36 PM
I would agree to what Erku has mentioned in his message.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewsHawaii247com 3/20/11 7:52 PM
There's no way someone can tell me that a human looked at our website and came up with this answer, "We don't include sites that are purely news aggregators, and we weren't
able to find any stories on your site that weren't from outside sources."

We were delisted from Google News on March 7th and we did a hell of a job covering the tsunami warning, updating our site throughout the night and aftermath here in Hawaii. We received tons of compliments that we were the best local news site to let them know what was really going on.

It galls me that Google says we're a pure aggregator. And this "don't be evil" mantra of Google? Well, delisting us from Google News could be even considered a threat to public safety for our community as people who searched for local information in Google News would not have found us. The local newspapers here? They only updated their websites hours after the tsunami actually hit and caused damage here in Hawaii.

Shame on Google.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals lknobel 3/22/11 5:16 PM
Our site,, has vanished from Google News since Saturday. We do more original reporting on Berkeley, CA, than anyone else. We provide stories to the San Francisco Chronicle, so we have the irony of our stories being indexed from the Chronicle hours after they appeared on Berkeleyside (Berkeleyside always has them first). We get picked up regularly by The New York Times. 

I could go on and on. We're doing a great job of making local news work in the new media world. How can we just vanish from Google News after being indexed successfully for the last two years? 
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals lknobel 3/22/11 5:52 PM
I haven't despaired yet, NewGuy1970. There's a frustrating opacity about Google certainly, but I know we're right. 
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/22/11 6:23 PM
what bugs me a site like huffingtonpost who was bought recently, they report some news themselves but other news articles on their website comes form reuters, and other places and we are talking word-for-word. It is like they don't even try to report news in their own words. And yet everyone loves them, they are in google news. Okay fine. whatever.
Perez Hilton is on google news, why? He pretty much gives 2 sentences in his own words and plagiarizes the rest and makes a lot of money. Oh and he is ONE auhtor and the GN rules state that a news site can't have only one author. Has to have more than one author. So why is Perez Hilton on GN???

now my site isn't like CNN or Huffington Post but we write articles, celeb news/ world news/ entertainment / business/ tech,etc.. and every single article is in our own words. The parts that isn't in our own words, we site. Some articles are long and some are short. GN wants 'unique' articles and the websites that are honest and are writing unique articles with the topics we like to write about, then why take them off of GN?? Why keep sites like Perez Hilton and others on GN?? Fyi, if people reported PH to GN, GN wouldn't take them off I bet ya.

So in all GN is taking off websites and doesn't give a reason because they don't have one. I am guessing it is someone sitting in their basement, eating McDonald's fries, bored (since GN doesn't have a support so we think they work at home) and said 'hey this isn't suppose to be on GN because it doesn't look like CNN format.. so remove it from GN" and when you reply to the robot email they sent you, another person who has no life responds "oh sorry we can't vie you a reason and give you another robot email" So GN mucks you over and ad companies are now saying to you "why the population decline? We are going to rethink about being on your website"

oh and yeah thanks GN For mucking a bunch of good sites over.
We write articles because we enjoy writing them.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals lknobel 3/22/11 6:45 PM
We're not reliant on Google News, but it is a useful source. I'm just irritated and determined to right the wrong. I've written about it here: I'm trying to make as much noise as possible. 

We'll see what happens. 
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals lknobel 3/22/11 6:52 PM
NewGuy: I subscribe to the screw-up theory of history, not the conspiracy. My guess is someone in Google News took what seemed an innocent decision and it had malign unintended consequences. 

I'm not so naive as to think Google is all sweetness and light, but I think most of their engineers want to get the results right. And including our site -- and many of the people commenting here, I'm sure -- is the right thing. 
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals momsword 3/23/11 4:01 PM
i am no relying on them for hits. It is just frustrating and I was making a point with my posts lol. That they don't give a person a reason why their website is being kicked out. I still think it is someone who is bored, looks at a website and thinks "oh this isn't like CNN So 'remove I shall'..

thats all and I think others might agree with what I had to say in my earlier posts.
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals lknobel 3/23/11 4:27 PM
It was a bug, not a conspiracy. Most people should be coming back into the index: 

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewsMaker 3/25/11 10:33 AM
I am not sure, how many people, who were kicked out by Google have managed to get back ?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals gabbazoo 3/29/11 12:09 PM

How Libya Could Break Obama

Fox News - ‎48 minutes ago‎
This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," March 28, 2011. This copy may n

this is not fucking news.  Hannity transcripts aren't in the least bit news.  please get this junk off your site, or at least start a section called "opinion" or "mis-information"
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewGuy1970 3/29/11 2:51 PM
@gabbazoo -- you are preaching to the choir... GN Team is 100% Pro GOP and any adverse posting regarding the aforementioned will get you booted from GN in a heartbeat... just start publishing trash talk about the DNC or Obama and you will be on Top Billing with GN overnight...
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals TSmith958 4/15/11 6:38 AM
what makes one of these sites ok to be in GN while the other is being rejected = ALLOWED IN GN

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Vostori 4/24/11 4:32 AM
I had a site delisted from Google News - it had been on for 3 years.

I got a message saying "Thanks for your willingness to provide content to Google News, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed."

The answer is of course typically vague and unhelpful.

However - I had another thread open with Google News concerning the inclusion of new news sections to my site for Google News. I asked them why I had been delisted, and what they said made me choke:

"Thank you for your note. We periodically review news sources, particularly following user complaints, to ensure Google News offers a high quality experience for our users. When we reviewed your site, we found that we can no longer include it in Google News at this time."

!!! So user complaints appear to have lead to us being delisted?!

Were these genuine user complaints or competitors posting as users? In my experience users and readers communicate through our site with our editorial team. In addition they can block my site using their personal settings should they wish to.

My argument is competitors would instead complain to Google News. I was always worried that this scenario was possible - and now it appears it is!

Google News - PLEASE at least afford publishers the opportunity to see what complaints have been levelled against them. How can we improve if we can't see these complaints?

How can you delist long term dedicated publishers without affording us the chance to respond to complaints? What mechanisms does Google News have in place to ensure that it is not asshole competitors that are trying to bump their competition off Google News?

It is time to open up  Google News, stop treating us with such disdain. Allow publishers to see why they have been removed.

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewGuy1970 4/24/11 7:25 AM

Will never happen... our site received a string of hate e-mail, posts, and threats that were politically motivated. They made false accusations to GN and our Sponsors... Our sponsors listen, GN well, if they agree with the political complaints of those that are harassing you, simply put, you're gone... welcome to the world of bias... try Yahoo News, and Bing inclusions...

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals infoceta 5/2/11 10:06 PM
Reference #730735168: Site removed from Google News despite having top news agency sources

Our site was in Google News for around 3 months. We are extremely disappointed with the rejection of our site from Google News.

We have been getting news from IANS ( and our own sources. IANS is top news agency in India. You can check our articles with their name as source.

We have followed all Google News Policy Guidelines in publishing the news articles. We have dedicated team of writers for publishing news articles along with high quality editors.

Our team members are Mass Communication and Journalism professionals. The promoters of the site are experts from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), a top management institute in India. We strongly believe and follow journalism ethics. Anyone can check our team profile and promoters profile at and

Our news are sources by HT Media, a top media house in India.

We request you to check our site again.

If by mistake, we have committed any error, we will be proactive to solve them at the earliest.

Waiting for your appropriate,
Jaidev Singh
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals foxbv 7/4/11 1:42 AM
Can you check my website? Maybe you removed it from Google News?
Stopped indexing about 8-10 days ago.
Hope that this is a mistake.

best regards
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals stalcupt 7/10/11 2:29 PM
Please remove Detroit News ( from Google News, until such a time that opinion pieces from this source do not appear as Google "News".

Here is the link to the opinion piece in question:

And here is the opening sentence, as displayed by Google News:
"On Monday, Energy Committee Chairman Upton will bring to the House floor legislation repealing the onerous, job-killing, consumer choice-stomping energy efficiency standard (made law in a 2007 bill he co-sponsored) that effectively bans the traditional ..."

Thank you,

Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals NewGuy1970 7/10/11 3:19 PM
@stal Yeah so what's the problem with telling the truth? You some sort of right-wing republican communist out to finish off what's left of this country or what?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Pelora 7/18/11 1:48 PM
Is there a way I can choose certain newspapers to be deleted from my Google news feed; Daily Mail, Sun for example?
Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals Faisal11 7/19/11 12:02 PM
I have applied for inclusion one month ago, when will I hear from google?
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