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Too many column delimiters

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Too many column delimiters waterwmanquestions 6/8/12 6:12 AM
I cannot see where my colums have too many delimiters. I use Excel and save my spreadsheet as tab delimited, what else must I do? 
Re: Too many column delimiters Celebird 6/8/12 9:15 AM
this is usually due to description values
with line-breaks or broken on multiple-lines.

by default, values and items cannot break lines
and must be on one single continuous line.

try viewing the saved .txt feed-file within a browser --
check for any quotation-marks or any items that are
broken apart on more than one single line.

otherwise, try attaching the saved .txt feed file
here in the public forum so others can take a look.

otherwise, try changing the feed's quoted-fields settings.

forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts.

otherwise, google may be contacted here --