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Google feeds Lillysea 7/25/12 1:50 PM
My question is in the set up of the adwords PLA campaigns which pertains to adwords_grouping and adwords_labels.
Let's say I have three campaigns,  sale1, sale2,and sale3.  What is the best way to identify these in the feed,  If I have a field for grouping and a field for labels, what is the correct method of applying this information in the feed, is it better to have a labels attribute, and if so, does the name of the adwords PLA campaign be entered in the labels field.  e.g. if products belong to one campaign "sale1"  I am entering this data in labels correct and not grouping.  Let's say I have a product which I want to go into multiple campaigns, e.g. sale1 and sale2,  would I be adding this to adwords_label, and if so, do I need to separate with a comma or something.
If anyone can share what is the best way to set my campaigns so that merchant account can read this information correctly and send it to the adwords account.