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Uploading Product Feed From an Opencart Website

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Uploading Product Feed From an Opencart Website Why Did I Even Start 7/31/12 5:08 AM
Firstly - I have no idea what I'm doing. But, now that I've started I have been informed that it would be good to get my products from my furniture website appearing on Google as what I'm led to believe are called PLA's, and also in the Shopping results. From what I can gather I have to fill out a big form with details on all my products, which is fine, but in the Administrator section of my Opencart website, there is a heading called Product Feeds, and two options below it called Google Base and Google Sitemap. When I click on Google Base it shows me a Data Feed url, and although I'm probably very wrong, I'm wondering if this is something I can use to save me manually filling out one of these spreadsheets with all my product information? Am I talking sense or not? Any help will be much appreciated as I don't even know if I'm doing normal Adwords as effectively as I could be. Many thanks.
Re: Uploading Product Feed From an Opencart Website Celebird 7/31/12 9:59 AM

Re: Uploading Product Feed From an Opencart Website notlim 8/5/12 7:31 AM
I am using CS-Cart.  At the feed for Google product search there is a tab for editing  the fields that have to be uploaded to  the merchant center. The required fields are detailed on Google. But the fields should be available from the information you have entered on your cart for each product. That would be saved  in your data base. The upload would draw the information from your database. There was a time that my cart did not have an imput on each product detail page for all of the attributes that Google requires. That required an upgrade from the cart providers, which they did. I am attaching a screen shot which shows the "fields mapping" page on my cart. Hope it helps. Good Luck.