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Can't add a user

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Can't add a user eyespypro 8/16/12 12:19 PM
Whenever I try to add a user with a google account I get this;
Account verification error: Please check that the email address is correct or try with a different email address.

The address is a gmail account. Why is it giving this error?
Re: Can't add a user Celebird 8/16/12 3:49 PM
the email added cannot already have had accepted
the google-merchant-center tos and cannot be a
sub-account within another merchant-center-account.

that is, a google-account may be associated
with only one single merchant-center-account.

for example, try logging-in to google with the email
being added and then check the google-products list --
if merchant-center exists that email cannot be added.

otherwise, google may be contacted here --
select other to explain the issue to google.