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google data feeds question

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google data feeds question brian2391 8/1/12 11:39 AM
On our website we have maybe 3-4 products but we have hundreds of templates. All of these templates have the same title, desc and colors. The only think that changes in the ids.

My boss told me to submit all templates which is 10,000 rows in excel.

But in reality I think I only need to submit a couple products.

Here is my excel sheet. Can anyone give me some feedback?

Re: google data feeds question Celebird 8/1/12 11:52 PM
if you wish to submit all the variants then yes, each
variant (color, size, etc) for the product must be
submitted as separate items (rows) with identical
item_group_id values for each product variant group.

google has rather strict rules for submitting variant products  --
for example, at least one variant (color, size, material, pattern)
must be different within the group.

but there is no requirement to submit all the variants in inventory.

however, those price amounts seem to violate
current google policies and are grounds for
disapproval and suspension.

the price in the data-feed must exactly match
the price displayed on the website landing-page
and must exactly match the default add-to-cart price.

if products are sold in bulk quantities, the total price
for the minimum number of items sold must be submitted --
this price must be the most prominent price on the landing page.

for example, this item's price must be 68.50 -- not 0.97
and is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval.

also, in stock items must be in transit to the customer
within three (3) business-days or less and is otherwise a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval and suspension.

Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/2/12 6:29 AM
Thanks a lot for the feedback. All you sure your feedback is 100% correct? My boss is telling me she submitted a 1 row of correct data. Sent it to Google to see if we did it right and Google agreed that its correct. It makes sense that we should put $68.50 instead of $0.97 because no where in the our data do we say $0.97 only if you order 50 items. Does this price exclude the shipping?

You said I have to submit all variants for each product. But all of our templates are the same product, we just have different templates for the product. So its the same product, but with a different design. Im thinking I only have to do 3-4 different products and all their variants. That would only be less than 200 rows. Which is a lot better than 10,000 rows. Looking at my previously posted data feed do you agree with me?

Google pulls data for the customers search results through the title and description right? All our our titles and descriptions are the same, therefore google is just going to pull 1 of our 300 submitted products which are all the same correct? It makes sense to just submit a couple products with different titles and descriptions.
Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/2/12 6:40 AM
Also, in my data feed, should I say somewhere that its $68.50 for 50 items??

I dont want people to just see "Wedding Lip Balm" for $68.50.
Re: google data feeds question Celebird 8/2/12 9:22 AM
google may be contacted directly here:
select other to explain the question to google.

official contact policy should be here:

as to price --

"The price on the landing page has to be equal to the price on Google Shopping."

"The price of the item has to be the most prominent price on the landing page"

as to variants --

again, it's rather up to you if you wish to submit variants --
if variants are submitted then google's variant rules must
be followed or risk future disapproval or suspension penalties.

"We define variants as a group of identical products that only differ by the attributes ‘color’, ‘material’, ‘pattern’, or ‘size’."

"If you don't include variant attributes in your feed, you shouldn't submit several variants of the same product as separate listings (ex: the same product in different colors, sizes). These items will be considered as duplicates which is against our Program Policies."

"All items that are color/material/pattern/size variants of the same product must have the same item group id. If you have a “Parent SKU” that is shared by all variants of a product, you can provide that as the value for 'item group id'."

google pulling data is purely for google-organic search --
google-shopping has separate rules and policies and listings
are derived from in-stock inventory data that merchants submit.

submitting an item without error does not in any
way indicate any acceptance or approval by google.

google may disapprove or suspend any item, data-feed,
account, or website, at any time -- including any time
after product items have been submitted or listed.

disapproval and suspension issues may take
weeks or months to reconcile with google and
can be permanent purely at google's discretion
and without any detailed explanation.

see also

Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/3/12 5:04 AM
Thanks for the reply. 

for another website we have we only have 1 product. but we have hundreds of templates.

Should I only submit that 1 product with different color variants or will it benefit us more if we submit the same product multiple times but with our different templates? Each template does in fact have its own product id so in our system we count it as a different product. But really its just an item that comes in red, green or blue etc. with some text.

So will it benefit us sending the same product? Could we send the same product but with different title and desc for more seo benefit for us?
Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/3/12 5:25 AM
Also I updated my datafeed and Im only going to submit 3 products. Can you make sure this is correct? thanks. Of these 3 products I was going to add 2-3 more templates to each product. But they will have the same title and description but with different picture. Would this benefit at all? Or just submit the 3 products and be done.

Re: google data feeds question Celebird 8/3/12 5:59 AM
what does "templates" mean exactly?
are these items physically in stock?
can an order be in-transit to the consumer within 3-business-days?

google requires that items submitted as in stock must be
in-transit to the customer within 3-business-days or less.

also, both the title and description are rather unclear
that the number of items being purchased by default is 50.

are the mpn being assigned by the manufacturer?
Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/3/12 6:12 AM
templates meaning it just has different text.

We make lots of different promotional products... Lip Balm, Koozies, Drawstring Backpacks, but heres 1 of our sites for example...

This whole site there is only 1 product. This one product we get it in stock with multiple colors. All we do is put your logo or design on the koozie and ship it out. This website has hundreds of different designs(templates) which are just ideas for the customer to get. We have to get the design from the customer and get their approval and most of the time we can ship it out before 3 days. If we cant do "In stock" in 3 days should we just do "Available for Order" in over 4 days instead?

In the last line of my description I say minimum order is 50. So your saying I should put it in my title too? That makes sense. Arent these titles and descriptions basically the same as SEO for web development? The title needs to include keywords that users search for. Users arent searching for "50 koozies" or "50 lip balm".
Re: google data feeds question Celebird 8/3/12 6:59 AM
if there is only one product then every item
would need to have identical item_group_id

the pattern attribute can be used to indicate a different design or graphic.

yes, items that cannot meet the 3-day in-stock policy
should likely use a more appropriate availability value.

attributes are not identical to seo since google assigns rules,
policies, and guidelines to what's allowed or acceptable for
the value -- in addition to policies for the website and more
general rules -- violating the rules, policies, or guidelines can
result in disapproval or suspension penalties, as well as drops
in ranking and position on google-shopping.
"For variant products, you are required to include the common title of the variant items."

"Data provided about your items -- in particular, images, prices and availability -- has to be clearly visible to users on landing pages. "
"We will periodically check your products to ensure the accuracy of your product data."
"the product data provided to Google needs to accurately describe your items"

Re: google data feeds question brian2391 8/3/12 7:41 AM
I know its confusing but, Its all one product but we actually treat each template like its own product.

So to us its 1 product. But to the customer all the templates are products so they see hundreds of products.

All I need to know now is does it benefit me submitting multiple templates of the same product?
Re: google data feeds question Celebird 8/3/12 10:39 AM
to google it is one product.

if submitted, the product's variants (templates) must all have identical item_group_id
(signifying one product) with appropriate variant attributes (color, pattern, size, or material).

two benefits are likely to help avoid suspension and to allow google-shopping
to index the appropriate information to help customers find the product variant --
but there is no requirement to submit all the variants.

google may be contacted directly for clarification.