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Please explain buystripes 5/15/12 10:33 AM
My website is   I have 12 products (shoulder boards) on that website.  I have these made to my specifications in Asia.  They are my brand.  Nobody else sells them.   My adwords account representative helped me set up product ads in adwords.  It shows as approved.   Yet in Google Merchant Center, 10 of my 12 product show as disapproved.  I sent an email to their support, and received this response from them.  It is incredibly unresponsive of them to site such a ridiculous reason to assert that my product ads violate Google Adwords.  Especially when you read the entire explanation of their reason for the rejection.  How can anyone accept this level of support as being even remotely reasoned.  Please check the link they provide to understand the full breath of their response to my question as to why my ads were rejected.  I am writing this to the forum, as Google offers you as a Guide that can provide help.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for writing back.

We have reviewed your Google Merchant Center account and would like to
inform you that your product ads are disapproved as the information in
these items violates the Google AdWords policies. Please note that this
error does not affect your items on the Google Product Search results.

For more information on Google AdWords policies, please visit:

Please reply to this email if you have any additional questions or

Yours sincerely,

The Google Team.

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Subject: Re: [#1025215090] Disapproved data feeds or items
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 09:23:16 -0700

Well actually the issue is that 6 of my 12 Product As show in my 
Products tab (in Google Merchant Center), as disapproved or invalid.
When I check with Google adwords, they say there is nothing wrong with
the product ads. Why have these shown as disapproved for about 8 days
now? These 12 items are custom made for me to my specifications. They
are my brand BuyStripes brand. nobody else sells these. Why are these
showing as disapproved product ads? Please answer, there should be no
reason for this or at least tell me why they are disapproved so I can
fix it. Please.