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GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE wasting my time 4/13/12 12:06 PM

1.why when i search for an item to buy nearly all merchants advertise free delivery but then add it at their checkout?.
2.why do some merchants add vat when these results are supposed to include vat?.
3.why is there no link to report policy violations on the shopping results page?

I have just wasted half an hour trying to buy Ronseal wood filler only to have the first 7 merchants lie to me about there prices.

Google shopping is just stupid !!!
Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE sect0r9 5/9/12 9:17 AM
I totally agree with you from a Merchant viewpoint as well. Google has its policy and everything you mentioned is against Google's Polices but you still see countless merchants breaking their rules. This affect the consumers and the honest merchants who try to stick to Google's policy.
It would be a great idea if Google implemented a policy violation submission feature on the the shopping result page. So Google, if you are reading how about it? The more users who are frustrated with Google Shopping results the more likely less and less people will use it.
Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE Caryn MC Guide 5/11/12 5:01 PM
Thanks for your feedback. We do take data quality and policy violations seriously.  Currently, you can submit policy violations by visiting
Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE sect0r9 5/16/12 9:06 AM
Thanks for your reply Caryn , at least we know someone in Google do visit the forum. Is there a rough time period from policy violation submission to Google taking action? 

Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE Google Merchant 5/19/12 11:38 AM
When I went to that link and submitted a policy violation, it gave me this message:

"Thank you for taking the time to report a policy violation. While we don't follow up regarding individual policy violations, please know that your findings have been forwarded to our team of specialists for further investigation. We appreciate you taking the time to offer us this feedback."

So I just took the time to inform you of a policy violation, which you say you take seriously, but then thank me by saying that you won't follow up on this violation?
Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE sect0r9 5/24/12 2:03 AM
I posted a policy violation on the 15th May and have been monitoring it in Google Shopping ever since and so far the offending violators are still listing their Free Delivery. Looks like the statement of "we don't follow up regarding individual policy violations" should read " we don't follow up any policy violations" ? but I could be wrong. I will continue to check & update here again.

I don't know if Google has an automated system to investigate policy violation or do so manually but some merchants are choosing the violation path as getting warned or banned outweigh the traffic generation from Google Shopping?

Re: GOOGLE SHOPPING RESULTS LIE sect0r9 6/13/12 7:39 AM
13 June Update: I have been monitoring the delivery violation which I posted to Google and the companies violating the policy are still listing the item with the same violation. I don't believe Google are taking  "data quality & policy violations" seriously. If Google want to contact me I can spend a whole day listing items with violations?