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Supplying "brand" information on items where "brand" is unknown

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Supplying "brand" information on items where "brand" is unknown FlashbackAlley 6/30/12 12:10 PM
I am hoping to modify my feed so that I might transition to the new Google Shopping, however given Google's requirements, I'm not certain this is feasible.  I currently sell vintage collectibles/antiques, which includes vintage/estate jewelry.  Jewelry falls under "Apparel & Accessories" and the Summary of Attribute Requirements indicates that "Brand" (under Unique Product Identifiers) is required for non-variant apparel products.  However, in many/most instances this information is not and never will be known.  With the non-jewelry items, it gets even worse, in that 2 of the 3 Unique Product Identifiers is required for items that fall in the "All Other Products" column, and for many (and maybe even most) vintage or antique items the "brand", "gtin", and "mpn" information is non-existent or unknown.

Since Google is not in the business of actually selling products online, it would certainly be my hope that, prior to establishing certain policies and requirements, they would first consult with representatives in the industries they now look to affect.  This certainly is quite frustrating and disheartening.

Should I simply abandon my efforts before I extend too much time in trying to figure this all out, or is there something I'm missing that would allow me to proceed?  (I'm also working on another website that will sell new as well as vintage jewelry, but even in the area of new jewelry, the vendors through which the jewelry pieces are acquired don't have or provide "Brand" information for it to be passed on and included.)

Anyone here well versed enough in all of Google's requirements to shed some light and provide guidance, as well as reassurance that hundreds of sellers are not dead in the Google Shopping water?
Re: Supplying "brand" information on items where "brand" is unknown Celebird 6/30/12 1:06 PM
google simply requires an exemption.

yes, apparel (accessories) jewelry requires brand --

the age or condition of an item does not matter.

what matters is if the required global-trade data ever existed for the item.

items without the proper global-trade data
either cannot be submitted or require an
exemption from google.

with an exemption from google such items may be submitted
without the required global-trade data (mpn, gtin, brand)

google may be contacted for an exemption here:

also, be certain condition is submitted with a value of used for such items.