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Goolge_Product_Type for Google Base - Is this just like keywords?

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Goolge_Product_Type for Google Base - Is this just like keywords? TeamStores 4/10/12 12:33 PM
We are currently selling over 10,000 collegeiate licensed items on Google Merchant Center. We are a little confused on the Google_Product_type field. We realize this is kind of like a "Keywords" field, as a groups of our products (mainly clothing) have the same words in this category, and if you go to Google Shopping and just search for exactly what is in this field, all those products will show up. We just are not sure how this works and the best way to fill it out.

For Example, for our product titled:

Nike Missouri Tigers Womens Be Strong Dri-fit Pant

Would we fill out in the Google_Product_Type?

For Google_Product_Category on this item we have it as:

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Activewear > Active Pants

So is there anything we would even put in Google_Product_Type?

Maybe Nike > Missouri > Tigers??


Thanks in advance!





Celebird 4/10/12 3:14 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Goolge_Product_Type for Google Base - Is this just like keywords? Celebird 4/10/12 3:15 PM
keywords are considered promotional text, generally
not allowed, can reduce rank or trigger a disapproval;
each attribute has a specific allowed or defined value.

google_product_category must be one single google-defined
taxonomy value that classifies the physical item -- the physical
item determines which requirements must be followed.

if there's no specific google-value that matches the physical item
then simply use the highest-level google value that does classify
the physical item; a google-defined value cannot be changed,
augmented,or modified, in any way whatsoever; for example,
simply use:
Apparel & Accessories > Clothing

there are rather strict requirements for clothing apparel --

keywords have nothing to do with google_product_category --
google uses the information within product-search as google
sees fit; what's seen in search is not necessarily identical to
any submitted value.

product_type usually reflects your own product taxonomy
or classifications and is not restricted to google's values.

google's current taxonomy should be here: