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Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses

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Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Nickkie 10/18/11 9:02 PM
Due to the recent changes, a lot of merchants have reached out to us and we're striving to respond to them as soon as possible. However, there is an unexpected delay in replying - that we're working hard to overcome. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses AM12 10/19/11 7:30 AM
Why not ENABLE accounts until you can properly address these issues?
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 10/19/11 11:55 AM
Yeah, enable the accounts!  Secondly "as soon as possible" is very vague.   If I told that to one of my customers, I wouldn't stay in business very long. 
However, Nickkie, I'm not going to stay in business long anyhow, thanks to what your company has done to me and thousands more.  
 Please you owe us more than two vague sentences. 
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 10/19/11 12:48 PM
And another thing Nickkie, just how on earth do I reach out to you?  That is a lie.  There is no phone number.  You don't even read or reply what anyone types in these forums or via submitted forms.   If one does get a reply via the contact form , it is an automailer and the reply is not relevant to the question asked. Automailers are what one uses when they botched an operation and can't reply to the overwhelming number of inquiries that resulted.  This is one big FAIL!  Enable everyone's feed until you get it straightend out! 
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 10/19/11 12:50 PM
Why should we provide relevant search data to you G, when you can't even provide relevant answer to our questions!  
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses ebitsi 10/19/11 7:42 PM
As soon as possible seems to be about 3-4 weeks at present which is ridiculous.

Most people here will be out of business and homeless before they get a response.

Why not with all Google's money, employ some extra people to deal with this...or even better, get a phone line installed in the Google Base office and give us all the number!
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 10/19/11 11:07 PM
@ebitsi, agreed!  They won't spend a dime on us  Shareholders more important than us you know.  And if they had to man a phone that would mean actual work!  And a lot less time spent in the G Cafeteria and yoga classes.  LOL.  

Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses putemup40 10/20/11 4:55 AM
I've never quite understood the mentality of "we want a kazillion users but we're not gonna tell you how to contact us when there's a problem". Google, you guys wanted all these merchants and G+ users — and now it seems you have so many you cant handle the problems that come with them?
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 10/20/11 11:10 AM
right on putemup40,  as they say fail to plan = plan to fail.  
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses dan_ps 11/2/11 7:39 AM
+1 to G's employees for large pumpkin carving and making silly videos.  

MINUS -10000000000  for ignoring your customers.  
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses David EZ 11/2/11 3:05 PM
I think what a lot of people are missing is that Google offers this service to us for free. And that some of us have and do make good money from this service. Presently, my items are down and I have been emailing over and over with no reply in the last few days. What would be help is if Google would post here a notice saying it will be 1 day, 2 days, 3 days etc before they reply. I would appreciate this very much vs being in the dark not know what is wrong with my file. Seems we fixed everything and file just needs to be reviewed and "turned back on".
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses naa.fodivision 11/3/11 12:52 AM
I am a merchant and I have STILL NOT BEEN PAID FOR A RECENT TRANSACTION AND NO ONE AT GOOGLE IS CONTACTING ME ABOUT IT!!!! I'VE BEEN processing with Google for over 4 months, my account is in good standing, and deposits (over $3000) from my Google shopping cart transactions have always been placed into my bank account within two days, with the EXCEPTION of this most recent transaction, which was processed OVER 20 days ago!!



WE EXPECT you to provide us with a contact phone number and email specifically for merchants and we expect you to immediately CONTACT US BACK ABOUT ISSUES WITH GOOGLE CHECKOUT.

Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses David EZ 11/3/11 2:12 PM
I am talking about listing products on Google products and naa.fodivision is talking about being a merchant with Google Checkout and these are two totally different issues. I am not sure if there is a section in this help / forum to get help with Google Check out not.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses mwell345 11/17/11 4:26 PM
Going on three months since I first contacted Google about why my seller ratings were cut in half.  Still no resolution.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses DaveEZ 11/18/11 9:16 AM
mwell345 they did that to me also (cut my seller ratings in half). The way they handle reseller ratings even based on their reply was not totally understandable (Googlespeak). It is up to them basically. They re-evaluate your ratings and if they determine they should be deleted or cut they do so. Be glad your ratings are not all gone. Be glad you are still on Google Products because some of us made changes to our data feeds file and are still waiting for Google Products now weeks later to put us back up live. Took them two weeks to reply they will look at my file again and now another week has gone by with no update. I think Google Products is under water as it comes to handling things now based on all their changes. In the past is was one or two days max to get reply and resolutions now it is weeks or months or never.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Dominic87 12/3/11 8:59 AM
I've been waiting more than 4 weeks for a response regarding why my googlebase feed has been rejected, which I ultimately want to use with Adwords. Google have really good products but their customer service is appauling.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses David EZ 12/5/11 10:42 AM
If I was an adwords customer I would be contacting adwords letting them know they need to push Googlebase folks to help you so you can start spending money. This might motivate Googlebase side to allocate some time towards helping you. Googlebase will ultimately reply to you (took weeks for me) so do not give up. It is too bad many of us depend and focus so much on Google. I did but not any more. I am continuing to expand and look for various ways to get business / web traffic. I do not think what I am doing will hurt Google in any way and even if thousands of us do this, it will not hurt Google BUT I sure think it will help me / us to diversify as much as possible in addition to trying to work patiently with Google as they go through yet more changes that impacts millions of us who try to gain traffic/business via Google. They are just overloaded now with all their changes to Google Shopping.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Dominic87 12/5/11 2:14 PM
Funnily enough I got a response today but no the response i was hoping...


Thank you for your email. I've consulted this issue to a specialist, who will look into your account. Please rest assured that we'll respond with additional information as soon as we have more to share with you.


The Google Team


Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses David EZ 12/5/11 3:52 PM
At least your are not suspended temporarily or permanently. Your reply I can translate for you. I translate Googlespeak, their reply means they will get back to you when they can or feel like it or in maybe 1 to 4 weeks. :-)
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses by279 12/18/11 8:01 AM
erm, does this mean i should not even contemplate signing up for google check out or any kind of google merchant account? it seems so frustrating! i really thought of doing it, but came to this forum first..thank god..
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Dominic87 12/18/11 10:24 AM
Google finally got my account up and running a couple of weeks ago.. WOO! finally... thank you google.

I have 76 products loaded onto Google Merchant at the moment (shows on google shopping) and I'm yet to see any benefit from it. Most of my sales come directly from google search results and not via the google shopping thing.

Google have some very useful tools, i.e. webmaster tools but I don't think google merchant is one of them.

If you do decide to use use google merchant and you first don't succeed.... don't bother again!
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses mike.tayse 2/23/12 6:25 PM
I'm just stating out using google to try and sell online.  I used the buy now button a few days ago successfully and now when I go to the "generate button code" nothing happens.  After a couple of days of it working once and then it didn't again I signed up for pay pal button/account.  I copied the code and installed it into my blog with no problems.  But since google provides me with a blog it seems like I should be using  google for the buy now.  But I need it to work and I need contact info when it does not or at least some sort of message saying, currently experiencing technical difficulties.  I would almost think a small script should run if the code button is pushed and nothing happens.  Maybe google should charge for individual attention.  I would certainly pay to solve a problem.  I want to continue building my site and selling but I'm currently dead in the water, as far as the google "buy now" button is concerned.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Strongone 3/4/12 5:55 AM
Glad I read this site before putting any more wasted time into setting up a Google Merchant Account - terrible customer service - impossible to set up.  USELESS!!
If you are reading this before attempting to set up an account - save your time!  Google doesn't care!!
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses mike.tayse 3/10/12 8:50 AM
Today my "buy now" buttons are working!  No reason, I did nothing. I am very thankful to the great google in the sky.

Except for one, no idea why.  When I install the buttons I log out and try  them, it worked then.  

 I have lost count as to how many times the "buy now" buttons and the "generate code" buttons have worked and not worked in the last few weeks.   I'd like to use google and pay pal.  But the whole reliability of the google checkout is a big worry.  Pay pal, so far, is working every time I've checked.  

Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses MacParts 3/28/12 5:12 PM
I have been trying to reach Google with many emails but no response in last 3 weeks . Disapproved my 3500 products for 1 wrong price. Lost couple of thousand in sales.

Funny part I got an automated email from Adwords. Here it is :

We haven't seen your AdWords ads
on Google for a few days now!

Hi there,

We noticed that you haven’t been running your AdWords ads lately  which means you’re missing out on new customers and sales

We look forward to seeing you back on Google soon!

Best wishes,

The Google AdWords team

AHHAHAH .  Really !!!  They don't want me missing out on new customers and sales

Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses chris maddox 4/13/12 2:47 AM

Having exactly the same issue. Make sure you turn off PPC while your feed is "Disapproved" so you don't waste money. PPC works better i.e. ROI when you have a product feed and the reverse is equally true!

We have a message that our "data is good" now but it is still disapproved. This could be for several reasons and you just have to check each day and wait. But make sure all the issues are addressed and you are getting the "your data is good" message. Once your feed is active again and showing on Google product results, i.e. check it, you can turn PPC back on and get a reasonable ROI once again.

They don't communicate with any actionable info on an individual basis so don't waste your time.

Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses chris maddox 4/13/12 2:48 AM
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses CCanalytics 4/24/12 7:09 AM
We are having the exact same problem with our Google Feeds. Disapproved since April 9th. Have submitted new corrected feeds. Data shows Good, yet it is still disapproved. Sumbitted the form for reevaluation several times. No response !
Terrible example of piss-poor Google service. We are at a stand still until the people ( if there is a someone) turns this back on.  We have no idea how long our disapproved status is for. Until then not a dome is going to Ad Words.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses spnaturals 4/25/12 10:59 AM
I'm a merchant and my issue is not in the customer support radio buttons. HOw do I contact google merchant support about this?  The issue is I downloaded Google Payout and on Feb. 3, the purchase is $420 and fee is $12.48. SO the payout should be $407.52 to my US bank account. BUT in my US Bank statement, it is $404.12.  I called US bank and they only received $404.12. Where did google payout put the $3.40.  
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Ms Cline 5/2/12 6:45 PM
I am new and was wondering why only a very few people are stopping by to see any of my products that I have been listing. Now I wonder if i am even being seen by the public at all. I have read some of your responses and WOW. Did I pick the wrong venue to sell my goods on? I sure hope not. I make a lot of sales daily or at least I did and still do on the other site I have. If this was my only source of income, I would also be out of business by now and I have only been here for 5 days now. I would really appreciate someone letting me know WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??

With this and the problem I don't know if I have or not. LOL I am about to look for another venue to sell on. LOL WOW!!  I am laughing out of sheer terror. Please HELP?
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Mission8 5/11/12 5:13 PM
there are no humans at google. these are all automated canned responses. Nickki is a bot. don't believe me? ask Leo Laport. 
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses deforest 5/16/12 3:57 PM
The disapproval of 100% Product ads has been an on-going thing since the start of the year. We pay-per-click for this service and the service is always broken. The tech support for GMC is non-existant. No way to open a ticket and have someone take responsibility and own the problem. It would not be so horrid a situation if Google did not stonewall when you can get a reply. GMC has been broken for months and Google has no way to fix it yet.
If I was Google I would be totally embarresed. Imagine if Ebay was up and down so much. Most providers like to have their service up 99.999 percent of the time. Google Merchant Center is more like 45% up time. Horrid. Spend more time supporting your software and the accounts that use it and quit passing the buck for your poor performance.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Mark Pagliaro 12/4/12 10:42 AM
I have e-mailed Merchant Support many times about changing my closed bank account and being about me being able to provide a new bank account and you are not responding. AND COILLECTING MY MONEY!!!! I am at the point of taking legal action against you unless you resolve this issue at once. MARK PAGLIARO 1-607-543-0024
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses JBryson48 12/20/12 4:53 PM
Must be an auto-responder. I got the same message, word for word.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Chimi Changa 2/27/13 8:18 AM
Hello Nikkie, we are getting only copy paste replies that are totally irrelevant to the issue, this is google we are talking about, the contact us form does not work? please, really, is like saying the search does not work. Google can very comfortably so we can get better service, so many inactive feeds is billions of dollars in lost sales for merchants and well, profit for google also.
Re: Expected delay in 'Contact us form' responses Bag King 3/21/13 10:34 AM
id love to be able to edit my birthday so that i can login to the merchant center. the birthday field didnt even exist when i made this account almost 10 years ago, and now i have a default birthday that cannot be edited, and as a result of that i cannot access the merchant center.

either unlock the birthday field or remove the age restriction on the merchant center.

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