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Is this the correct MPN for apparel?

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Is this the correct MPN for apparel? younglionnyc 7/2/12 9:37 AM

For apparel that comes in many sizes and colors, which is the correct MPN:

Example - Style 1000, Color Blue (BLUE), Size Medium (MED)

MPN - 1000
MPN - ????

I know MPN isn't required, but I'd like to include the correct value for data quality purposes.  I was unable to find this answered anywhere.

Re: Is this the correct MPN for apparel? Celebird 7/2/12 3:06 PM
mpn should be the exact value assigned by
the brand-manufacturer to the exact item
being submitted in the feed, sold, and
shipped to the consumer.

merchants should not invent, make up, or self-assign global-trade data --
submitting improper global-trade data (mpn, brand, gtin) is grounds for
disapproval and suspension.

(a) if the brand-manufacturer has only assigned
one mpn for all variants then use the same mpn
for all variants submitted.

(b) if the brand-manufacturer has not assigned
any mpn then leave the value blank (empty) --
do not submit mpn for such items.

(c) if the brand-manufacturer has assigned a
different mpn per variant then submit the exact
mpn value for each variant submitted.

google has very strict rules for submitting u.s. apparel variants.

generally, use an identical item_group_id
value for all variants in the same group
and add required variant attributes --
merchants may invent item_group_id values -- just as with id (sku) values.

yes, apparel requires only brand.

however, if the proper, valid, required, global-trade
values do not exist from the brand-manufacturer --
then google requires an exemption or such items
cannot be submitted --

Re: Is this the correct MPN for apparel? elva 7/17/12 4:36 AM
We get our stock from a shop we are partnered with. WHere would they find the MPN numbers to send to us? Do we need to contact brands to get them? Or is it on barcode? I posted question already but perhaps this is a more relevant place to post my similar query. 
Celebird 7/17/12 5:51 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Is this the correct MPN for apparel? Celebird 7/17/12 5:55 AM
contact the brand-manufacturer or partner
supplier for the proper global-trade values.

bar-codes usually contain either gtin or sku -- not mpn.

only a valid brand is required for apparel --
mpn and gtin are not required (for apparel).

please see below for details on this specific question --