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Google Base Feeds Gocerman 4/5/12 7:42 AM
We have an issue with submitting items to Google Base on items that have a"Select a Size" or "Select a Weight" in the pack size options. For clarfication this item is one of the items in question:  ,this happens whenever a customer must select a weight or size from a drop down menu to add it to the cart. All items that are set up this way are disallowed. That represent 50% of the items that we are trying to import. What can we do to change this? Thank-you.
Re: Google Base Feeds Celebird 4/5/12 9:55 AM
google considers a group of identical products
that only differ by color, material, pattern, or
size to be variants.

color, material, pattern, and size are generic variant attributes.

without proper variant attributes and a proper item_group_id
in the feed, submitting more than one variant is considered
a policy violation and grounds for disapproval.

for non-apparel variant items --
either (1) submit only one of the variant items only once in the feed;
or (2) use proper variant attributes with a proper item_group_id
if you wish to submit two are more variant items from the group.

also, more generally, if google considers a specific item purchase
to be too confusing for users, google may disapprove specific items.

but forum members can mainly offer suggestions and possibilities;
only someone from google can clarify a specific disapproval --

google-base has been retired.