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Printing Options Senor_Opinion 5/4/12 7:44 AM
I have lived in the 'this' city for quite some time and it is amazing on how diverse and spread out it really is. I find
myself using Google Maps a lot but I would like an option to change the amount of text I print.
bgale88 made the suggestion that one be allowed to remove individual direction steps. I think this is a great idea,
but just like we are given the option to include the map to print I think we should be allowed to do the same with the text.
The example given was removing the steps to get to the freeway. Hopefully, if you have lived there a while everyone should
know how to do this and thus does not require directions to do it.
Another suggestion, I have in regards to printing is the following. Say I know how to get to a certain part of town, yet
(for some reason) I don't know all of the streets. Then I would really just like a map. NO TEXT just a map.
I think this option would also work great for planning a mutli-destination trip where you know how to get everywhere but
would to get a graphical map to carry with you.
Does anyone know how to do this (without printscreen/copy & paste, my current solution)?