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Access "My Places" on iPhone

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Access "My Places" on iPhone yehuda1 2/11/12 3:43 PM
I have created a custom layer with addresses and stored it in my Google Maps account under My Places. I can access the data fine on the PC and Android (Galaxy S2) phone.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to access the information with similar ease on the iPhone (3GS v5.0.1), because:

1. The built-in Maps app on the iPhone does not let me sign in to Google Maps and access My Places (I can do that on Android)
2. Accessing Maps through Safari works but is slow and somewhat buggy.

Any idea how to make it easier to access My Places on the iPhone? Thanks
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/19/12 1:38 PM
Same experience - iPad2 iOS5 Google maps doesn't communicate with my Google Maps account so I can't load My places. Using Safari, I can get to "My places" and it sort of loads but when I zoom in beyond some view, they all disappear.  Pretty useless for any kind of place to place navigation use :(
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone yehuda1 3/19/12 2:09 PM
I use this feature at work. We're in the distribution business so I marked our dealers on the map and shared it with my coworkers. Using Android, they can easily recall who's in their area as they travel across the country.
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/19/12 2:23 PM
Yup!  Google supporting an Android app?  An iPad app, not so soon :)
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone yehuda1 3/19/12 2:45 PM
I noticed this app, which seems like it might be a decent alternative to iOS Maps in the meantime. 

From the description: "BatchGeo for iOS is a companion application for use with BatchGeo map making tools. The app lets you interact with your saved maps and data using the full power of your iPhone or iPad. The interface is fast and fluid and makes accessing your maps on the go a real pleasure."

The location data would have to be copied over from Google Maps for this to work, though, and the app itself is not free, but hey it does emphasize ease of use. What do you think?

Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/19/12 2:57 PM
"My place for Google maps" is a $0.99 app that lets you get to your "My places" location on Google and will then let you click on any one of those placemarkers and show it to you by opening Google maps.  That is a step forward, and just fine if you only need to see one or two places.  If you want to load more, you have to them one at a time.....  It would be nice to be able to load a map of plaemarkers into the Google maps bookmarks menu, but not possible.
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone yehuda1 3/19/12 3:03 PM
Thanks for pointing out that app, I'll check it out.
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/19/12 3:12 PM
You're welcome .  It worked for me first time on an iPad2 iOS5. Maybe they'll be able to do more later, but that would involve getting into the code of Google maps - may not be possible except by Google.

 It imports "directions" from the My places folder as 0.00000N x 0.0000000E, so you get taken to the Atlantic :D
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone jclark1 3/27/12 12:26 PM
If you've created a map with several places on your PC, you can just email yourself the link; open it on your iPhone and save the web app to your Home Screen. You can also access My Places through the Google Earth App (I'm not sure why we can't just do this with the Maps app though...)
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/27/12 1:11 PM
Thanks for the reply.  I just emailed myself the map e.g. "MyTripPlaces.kml and I see it as an attachment in my Mail message (using the Mail app to read the message).  How do I save that as " a web app to my home screen"?  Tapping on the attachment opens a window that has the spinning icon waiting and waiting but nothing happens.
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone jclark1 3/27/12 1:20 PM
I don't know about .kml file. I just logged into Google on my PC, went to Maps, clicked My Places, clicked the specific map that I had created, then clicked the "Link" button (next to Print button), checked "Short URL", and emailed myself that URL. When I open the URL on my iPhone 4S, it opens in Safari and pops up with a message asking if I want to install the web app on my Home Screen (click the arrow button and "Add to Home Screen" to do so). Hope that helps...
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone JulianStuart 3/27/12 1:44 PM
Thanks for that - now I understand which arrow button is referred to in that rather cryptic popup! I have the "web app" and it brings me to the Safari window with all the places ion the map.  Progress!  Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the individual places (the ones with placemarks) into the directions boxes to get directions (on the iPad that is).  I can't seem to copy them to paste them in ...  I see the Text fields for A and B for directions but can't get the placemarks into the text fields.  Sorry, but my intuition is not what it used to be and I'm sure I'm missing something very simple....  I can't seem to copy them from the list below and they don't show up in the drop-down lists
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone SheezOrganz 3/28/12 11:39 AM
Julian, pretty much sums up the issue. 

Google just launched Places which looks like an app designed to sell local mobile ads and little else.    I would use that app if it got me to my Google "My Places".

Anyone from Google reading--you can target me with mobile ads via the Places app if you let me easily (automatically) get to "My Places".  If not, Places gets deleted because it is useless at present--an app to receive local ads?  Why would anyone want that?
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone SheezOrganz 3/28/12 11:39 AM
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone SheezOrganz 3/28/12 11:49 AM
Okay to up the stakes here for Google, I propose a campaign to trash review all local advertisers until My Places is added to Places.
Re: Access "My Places" on iPhone ehg 3/28/12 12:21 PM
regarding MyPlaces: 
My Places of GoogleMaps is nothing else as the renamed former My Maps. 
And infact there isn't much more functionality either. (there are a few  but it doesn't affect the former MyMaps functionality)
So I can't see in parts of the thread here what you're talking about - especially SheezOrganz posting I don't understand.
I very well understand the problem the posting user jehuda1  mentioned describing the "discrepancy" on handling My Places on a  iPhone Maps app and on the GoogleMaps app on his Android (the last device is obviously able to show  "MyPlaces" of GoogleMaps - as my Android does with my own MyPlaces too)
However & AFAIK the Maps App on iPhone isn't provided by Google.
Therefore  this could explain the differences between both MapsApps and you guys should ask to get this functionality on the Maps App for iPhone by the developper of the IPhone Maps app.
Maybe there are more "differences" between Googles Android MapsAPP and the iPhone Maps App - not sure about.

Best Regards