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New Offline mode announced 6th June

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New Offline mode announced 6th June Torchbattery 6/8/12 3:11 AM
With ref to the recent announcement 6th June offline mode for maps. will this allow true offline navigation eg the ability to plan route and navigate without data connection similair to other SatNav devices where maps are stored on the phone (Co-Pilot / Sygic / TomTom)

If this is the case I don't undertsand why you cannot download say a complete country (Europe) or State (USA) like existing SatNav devices or software on my phone. For navigation you don't need street view.

Furthermore how are users going to be able to update their maps ?
Re: New Offline mode announced 6th June barryhunter 6/8/12 4:20 AM
It was never mentioned in any official annoncement, it looks like a misunderstanding by some media outlets. I dount it will include navigation.

It probably just a slight polish of the Offline cache, that is available in labs now. 

As for updating the map/cache. Just delete the cached map, and redownload it to get latest version.  
Re: New Offline mode announced 6th June EVVJSK 6/14/12 10:58 AM
Offline was mentioned in the Google Official Blog
but briefly. Didn't state if it was full offline, 10 mile radius cache, etc...
Let's hope full offline.
Re: New Offline mode announced 6th June barryhunter 6/14/12 11:21 AM
Exactly, it was only noting offline use. Which is pretty much what we have already in the Pre-Cache lab. 

It will not include navigation. 
Re: New Offline mode announced 6th June 6/16/12 9:07 AM

Free Google Offline turn-by-turn Navigation option without need to hack/root or install any third party app.. here’s how (idea has video demo link as well):

The trick is to use Google Maps to Navigate and not the Google Navigation itself for offline option. 
By the way this is non-voice though. Cheers.