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Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update

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Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update Daniel (Google Community Manager) 8/29/12 12:27 PM
Hi Google Maps for Android users,

We've recently released an update to Google Maps for mobile on Google Play.

With this release we're excited to announce :
  • Biking Navigation for the US, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK 
  • Directions elevation lab which shows elevation profile for biking and walking directions
Stay tuned for launches in more countries!

Bugs that should now be fixed with the 6.11 release
  • HTC reboot issue
  • Missing layers for certain devices
Issues that we're working on with Motorola
  • Motorola Atrix GPS issue
Thanks for all your continued feedback — please keep it coming, we're always open to hearing from you. To learn more about features in this release, please read our blog article or visit our Help Center

Google Maps Community Manager 
Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update dst4 8/30/12 12:30 AM
Resound, ICS, so far so good thanks boss :-)
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update mjtaylor222 8/30/12 4:49 AM

I use Google Maps a lot on my HTC Desire, but in the last 2 months the size of the app and its data has increased significantly.  A couple of months ago the data storage would be around 1MB, but a few weeks ago it suddenly started increasing to around 7MB.  After the latest update it is now 12MB.

Because the HTC Desire has limited on-board memory for app storage, this gives me serious problems with 'low memory', and I've had to delete quite a few apps to make space.  My phone is not due for upgrade on my current contract for another year.

1.  Could you please provide an explanation of why the memory requirements for data have increased so much?
2.  Is it possible to update the app so it stores this data on the SD card?
3.  Is it possible to update the app so that it can be installed on the SD card?  At present, as it is a 'stock app' on the HTC Desire, I can't move it to the SD card.

I know I have an option to 'root' the phone, but I'm slightly reluctant to do that in case I 'brick' the phone, as I need the phone to work in order to do my job.

Many thanks,

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update Laef83 8/30/12 5:12 AM
Still no Latitude Widget and no reason yet why it was removed..
WHY? Almost everyone i talk with used it and misses it..... You at least own us an explanation as to why it was removed..

Widgets.. It's what makes Android better!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update mtnguy805 8/30/12 9:13 AM
I've a similar memory issue with my HTC Incredible running android 2.3.4. I first noticed the bloated data usage after the last update (6.10). Google Maps is not usable for me until this is fixed. Is there a way to get an old version (pre 6.10)?
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update Haspelknecht 8/31/12 7:46 AM
Thank you for bringing back the layers....
...but the problem, that I get lost I leave the route is still there.
I just removed all updates from my HTC Wildfire and yep, I get the "Route wird neuberechnet" (Sorry German ;-) ) messages all the time, if I go not the calculated path.
With all newer versions of Maps I navigation stops and I get only a birds view on the map.

From looking to other discussions I see, that this is a common Wildfire problem - while probably other devices are not affected.

Why did that work once and is defective now?
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update jdw70 8/31/12 11:32 AM
HTC Sensation was crashing on 6.10, but so far it's stable with 6.11.  I was one of those criticizing Google for not fixing the 6.10 issue quickly, so thanks for this update.

Now for a request.  The ability to store offline maps is a big plus, however, it's still not possible to calculate a route without an internet connection.  This makes storing maps locally much less useful.  Please add this feature.  Thanks.
Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update shamarshall 8/31/12 10:39 PM
Since the update, when you pick a location by selecting a point on the map, then press the shortcut for directions, it defaults to public transportation, and populates the starting point with the point on the map and not your current location
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update gregorsmith 9/3/12 1:28 AM
Has there been a Latitude change? As I'm finding it to be highly active (polling location nearly every minute) and as a result my battery is being killed, I've tested this by having no other apps installed and yet it still happens and my web based location history is nearly unusable as the page takes forever to render the massive amounts of place markers.

Example timestamps:

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update mentcy 9/3/12 3:19 PM
Still causing reboots on htc vivid, running ics (sense 3.6)
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update lrk2 9/4/12 5:37 PM
This update still causes my HTC Sensation 4G to randomly reset.  It is running ICS (4.0.3) with Sense 3.6.  After having similar problems with version 6.10 I was very happy to see this release was supposed to fix them...but it didn't for me.  After falling back to version 6.9.0 my phone is now stable again.  The really aggravating thing was that it causes the phone to randomly reset, even if I don't launch the Maps App.  It reset in the few minutes between starting the phone and trying to fall back to 6.9.  I was afraid my phone was going to be toast until I luckily got it to revert before it reset again.  I love this app and use it all the time, so please try to fix this.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update CCRM2 9/4/12 7:31 PM
can you help iphone users to get latitude updating again?  It has been days since iphone latitude, chrome on laptop or explore gave update for more than a 5 or 6 hour time span before it stops again for 24 plus hours. 
please help with  latitude update issue.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update subaqua 9/5/12 10:26 AM
Great work, the problem seems to be resolved. Now layers is on the menu, offline map loading is easy. GPS seems to be working fine with the offline maps too. Thank-you!

(The original problem: no access to Layers on Maps for Android after update. Maps v6.10.0. Samsung GT-S6102 Android v2.3.6. The map page does not show Layers icon, only +/- and scale (both vertical and horizontal). 
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update CCRM2 9/6/12 8:31 AM
any update on fixing the no updates at all... for 27 hours on Latitude for i phone or Chrome laptop or explorer.  cannot use the recommended fix since I do not have an android??/
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update Haspelknecht 9/11/12 4:46 AM
I still have the problem that reroute on blocked/missed road does not work. It worked with the factory installed version - so there is no excuse....

HTC Wildfire, Froyo
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.11 update RollingKeg 9/16/12 6:04 PM
I'm currently using the Nexus S GT-i9020A running the latest Jelly Bean and I've been having problems with this update. The issue here is that it doesn't read out the correct turn by turn list, instead it repeats the last known street.

Things that I have done which has resolved it temporarily:

Cleared cache for Maps
Cleared dalvik cache in (recovery)
Fixed permissions

Doing any of these steps fixes it temporarily, but the problem persists after navigating to a different area. Has any one experience this problem?