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web-based Google Sky search not working?

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web-based Google Sky search not working? Charon 7/30/12 3:05 PM
Can anyone confirm that Google Sky search isn't functioning at all? It's not working for me either using names or positions. I know the search is stupidly limited in what it knows, but it's not working even for examples they give (like M31). I've tried this on Firefox (14.0.1) and Safari (5.1.7).
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Charon 7/31/12 4:55 PM
I've had two other people independently confirm that yes, Google Sky search is dead. Still.

Google can index the huge, ever-changing web, but can't keep a working search for a couple thousand celestial objects? Seriously?

And of course there's no way to report this to them.
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? treebles 7/31/12 6:09 PM
I will escalate to Google employees to see if they have any information about this issue.
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Charon 7/31/12 7:30 PM
Thanks. I just wrote an assignment for my astro 101 class to use Google Sky, and they have less than a week to do it... so either it needs to start working again, or I have to rewrite the assignment for Microsoft WorldWide Telescope. And I'd rather not do that, since the WWT, despite having more features, isn't as easy to use.
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? treebles 8/1/12 7:54 PM
Unless it is something simple to fix I would not count on Google fixing it in time for you to complete your assignment.
If I were you I would start re-writing the assignment for the Microsoft product.
Thank you for letting me know of this product, I did not know about it and I will give it a try.
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Daniel (Google Community Manager) 8/2/12 3:05 PM
Hey Charon, 

Thanks for the report, I've sent it to the team to have a look. In the meantime, I'd recommend searching the sky in the Google Earth Client. You'll have to download Google Earth before you can do this:

Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Daniel (Google Community Manager) 8/2/12 3:06 PM
One more question, when did you first experience this issue with Google Sky?
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Charon 8/3/12 10:29 PM
I first noticed it this Monday (July 30). It was working when I was originally writing the assignment last week (I think as recently as July 27).
Re: web-based Google Sky search not working? Anonym.SaCtn 8/9/12 7:52 AM
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