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Blue Arrow

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Blue Arrow marbaltz 4/1/12 5:05 AM
I have been looking for a solution for months now; 

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
App :    Google Maps
Issue:   Blue Arrow keeps on spinning.

Attempts I made were: uninstall update and go back to its default factory app, clear cache, reinstalled the update again, logged out in Latitude for it may perhaps triggered some confusion reading my location.
Result: All of the above didn't fixed the issue.

Oh, I did one unusual way in desperation. I shook the device as one of the tip I read though can't really remember which website that was. 

It did relaxed the frenzy arrow for a second or two, but came back spinning wildly.

I did tried tapping the compass only to change it's view to street mode(not sure for the right word); and made me dizzy even more.

I even submitted a feedback report to Google's support team since late January, yet I haven't got any response or at least see a possible solution on how to fix the issue. 

I ended up looking for a solution here in our Groups, saw one relevant topic, in which just gave me a thought about kinetic stuff, but with no help to the issue.

I hope any from out there can help. This issue triggered a bad mood on a date with my wife last Chinese New Year; in trying to find a good hotpot dinner somewhere near my area. Now, it's her birthday this Wednesday, and I can't afford any mess up on our night out. 

I would really appreciate any advise, etc. from you guys. 


- I just made a quick video cam of the issue.

Re: Blue Arrow masonicmoron 4/1/12 1:12 PM

Do you have a case?

Does it have a magnetic snap closer?

Take it out of the case if you have one.

Thank in advance for your reply

Best regards

Re: Blue Arrow marbaltz 4/1/12 2:38 PM
Thank you for helping me out . However, I dont have a case a side from this  plain  rubber cover that I am currently using.

I appreciate your time on this, though.

Re: Blue Arrow masonicmoron 4/2/12 2:16 PM

Ensure your Wifi is on and connected and that you have a satellite connection

Also try outside 

Best of luck


Re: Blue Arrow marbaltz 4/2/12 5:04 PM
It's all up and and running. I am connected either through data or wifi everytime. I even gave Google the trust; in  terms of tracking my position. GPS is enabled as well. Thank you.
Re: Blue Arrow marbaltz 4/29/12 5:38 PM
Two weeks from now, this issue will be on its fourth month. I wonder if the update will help..i will try and see..right now.