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No contacts in latitude

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No contacts in latitude Quiter 7/11/12 8:27 AM
Hey, today I started latitude and had no more contacts in there on my android phone. I know this is a known bug, but my friends are also not shown in the browser on any more. So I can't install a different Version on my phone to get them back.
My friends can see me in their frineds-list, but only with 'unknown location' and I have no contacts in my list, even not with an old location.
I sent new invitations to them, but they don't receive them.
What can I do to get my contacts back?
Re: No contacts in latitude ehg 7/11/12 8:38 AM
despite of actually experiencing many problems with Latitude by many users I did not seen it similar.
I therefore will escalate your issue to the GoogleMaps team - fingercrossing they can help
Re: No contacts in latitude kuuji 7/12/12 1:22 AM
I've got the same issue, no friend on android or on the website, can't readd them because they've got me in their friends list.
Re: No contacts in latitude AA4RC 7/12/12 2:19 PM
Same problem here.  All friends lost using web and Android JB.
Re: No contacts in latitude VA3DBJ 7/12/12 2:22 PM
I am having same issue here too.  All my Latitude contacts disappeared this morning.  I even disappeared from my friends list and when trying to re-add, no notifications are received.
Re: No contacts in latitude uvlight 7/14/12 10:13 PM
I already click "Me too!" but I have something to add and hope can help anyone to troubleshoot the problem.  I noticed this problem about 3 days ago.

seems like it is not affecting a lot of people, most of my friends don't seem to have this problem, my other account don't have this problem neither.  I only find one other person mention something similar on twitter, but nobody mention on Google+

I have try to use Latitude on Chrome with Linux, Chrome with Windows, Firefox with Linux, Google Maps with Android 4.04 and 4.1.1 (Maps version 6.6 and the latest version as of today), all my friends are still missing.

My screenshot in Chrome looks like this.

If there anything I can do to get all the friends back, please let me know, because I sometimes rely on this feature.  ;)
Re: No contacts in latitude Stony Wang 7/15/12 3:45 AM
Same! Any googler could help us? I love latitude. I need my latitude friends.They are missing for several days!
Re: No contacts in latitude oanhof 7/15/12 5:43 AM
I also have the exact same problem. All my latitude contacts are gone. I also tried it on my old phone (HTC Legend) and its the same problem there. I really hope this can be fixed soon.
Re: No contacts in latitude rcocchiararo 7/15/12 2:09 PM
I got this when i updated from maps 6.9.0 from the market to 6.9.1 from the jelly bean developer preview. Then the same when jelly bean finally droped (maps 6.9.2).

Reverting to maps 6.9.0 from the marked fixed it on the developer preview.

Then, when 6.9.2 had the same issue, i let it be for a few days, and my friend suddenly appeared back
Re: No contacts in latitude oanhof 7/15/12 2:29 PM
I was able to solve the problem!

I uninstalled google maps completely from my phone. (galaxy nexus android 4.1.1)

Then I downloaded google maps 6.9.2 from this page:

Then I had to go to google maps settings and had to enable that my location will be updatet from this phone and that I would share my location to my friends.

Then finally all my latitude contacts reappeared.

I hope this works for all of you!
Re: No contacts in latitude uvlight 7/15/12 4:40 PM
oanhof, are you talking about Google Latitude on Android 4.1 (and 4.1.1)?

Did you have the same problem on the desktop version and all other devices that has nothing to do with 4.1, when you said you had the exact problem?

Because this is not problem does not happen only with Jelly Bean
Re: No contacts in latitude oanhof 7/15/12 4:47 PM
Yes I also had the problem on the latitude homepage and on my HTC Legend running cyanogenmod 9 (android 4.0).

Now my contacts are back on all devices.
Re: No contacts in latitude uvlight 7/15/12 4:52 PM
I may try that later in the day. and report back if that would fix it.
Re: No contacts in latitude oanhof 7/15/12 4:56 PM
Ok i hope it works for you!

I am going to sleep now. Its nearly 2:00am here...

Re: No contacts in latitude Termiter 7/16/12 12:15 AM
Thank you, it works for me!
Re: No contacts in latitude Quiter 7/16/12 1:49 AM
Solved the problem for me too.
Re: No contacts in latitude uvlight 7/16/12 4:27 PM
that, really fixed the problem.
never thought missing friends in browser can be fix by installing maps on my cellphone.
Re: No contacts in latitude Daniel (Google Community Manager) 7/17/12 12:18 PM
Thanks for the reports and workarounds, for more information regarding Latitude on Jelly Bean, please read this post: 

Re: No contacts in latitude Tithefug 7/19/12 1:10 PM
Following the link below, I was able to do it without uninstalling GMM.

Basically, I went to the Latitude settings my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7 (both on Jelly Bean), enabled Location Reporting from both devices, then disabled it from my Nexus 7.  After about 20 seconds, all my contacts showed up on all Latitude clients (GN, N7 and webpage).

Hope this helps.
Re: No contacts in latitude rtalain 7/23/12 10:33 AM
I had the same problem and it may have started when I got my Nexus 7.  I lost my latitude friends on my cell and browser, so I opened Maps on my Nexus 7, launched Latitude and enabled Location Sharing, and voila!  All friends showed up on my Nexus 7.  I then checked the browser and my cell phone and all my latitude friends are back.  I don't know if this is the same problem others are having, but it worked for me.  

Re: No contacts in latitude Derficus 7/23/12 2:55 PM
None of my contacts are appearing on the web site either. I think it might be an issue with my account or something? I have a tablet with jellybean (Nexus 7 FTW) and my contacts don't appear there either.
Re: No contacts in latitude Trebonius 7/23/12 5:35 PM
Even though it was affecting the website too, disabling location sharing on my phone, then re-enabling must have done something to my account, because that fixed it immediately.
Re: No contacts in latitude Jazzyoli 7/24/12 3:08 AM
Same problems since July 23.
Re: No contacts in latitude HughBetcha 7/24/12 4:31 AM
Darn, didn't help me when I tried that. I'm beginning to think that ICS is Android's version of Windows Vista LOL.
Re: No contacts in latitude Derficus 7/24/12 8:21 AM
Soo weird... I joined this group yesterday... Today Latitude is working on all of my devices including the web. I didn't disable/enable anything! I was about to do that on my phone when I saw that my contacts were back. 

Thanks for the help! 
Re: No contacts in latitude Celsian 7/24/12 3:48 PM
Same here. Started about a week ago when I upgraded to jelly bean, I have since downgraded to ICS. Cannot see friends in phone or on website.
Re: No contacts in latitude StrifeJester 7/25/12 10:39 AM
Similar Issue I got my Nexus 7 and turned off the location services there because I didn't want to have locations going nuts when I left the Nexus 7 at home and had my phone with me on the go.  Unfortuantely it did exactly what is being described here.  My wife can still see my location and all of my other friends but I cannot see anyone else's on my phone (stock VZW Galaxy Nexus) or my browser.  I have the Nexus 7 at home and will go back into the settings tonight but it appears there is something in the Jelly Bean version that when changed flags your account on a global level that can only be over-ridden by the Nexus 7 again.  I assume this is a Jelly Bean thing but have not had a chance to test it on my NS4G and don't feel like putting JB on my Galaxy Nexus at this time.
Re: No contacts in latitude StrifeJester 7/25/12 10:49 AM
The linked post to the other forum thread does give a good over view and I will be switching things when I  get home.  I assume I thought the enable check was for that device and didn't read closely enough and temporarily busted my Latitude account.
Re: No contacts in latitude sam1am 7/27/12 10:33 AM
oanhof's solution above worked. I did not uninstall maps first (because it's a system app), but the newer version installed over top of the old one. 

I had to re-enable all my sharing settings, switch to manual location updates and then back to automatic, and then go click to refresh button on my friends list. Now I can see all my friends!

I don't know why, but the market is not offering 6.9.2 for my device, and installs 6.9.1 as the latest version. 
Re: No contacts in latitude ChrisNex7 7/28/12 3:18 PM
Thank you oanhof!!  This worked immediately.  Hopefully Google can fix this bug.
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