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google play

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google play Chas 4/6/12 9:55 AM
I thought that I would try the play feature in my tracks. it keeps telling me to update google earth but when I follow the prompts I get a message that my phone is not compatible. I have google earth installed including street view and they work fine outside of my tracks. any suggestions
Re: google play masonicmoron 4/6/12 11:55 AM

What telephone are you using?

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Re: google play Chas 4/6/12 3:42 PM
Good point sorry. LG Optimus
Re: google play Ken Taylor 4/12/12 2:21 AM
My guess is you have Google Maps installed. Google Earth is a different app.
Re: google play Chas 4/23/12 9:47 AM
Yes, google maps is installed. I have tried to install google earth but it keeps bringing up google maps and saying installed. I really would like to see the play feature of my tracks any suggestions?