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map images question

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map images question jone2an 4/13/12 7:46 AM
Hey, I just have a quick question. All the people that show up on the google map images are blurred out. However, my grandmother passed away in December of 2009, and I saw an image in March of 2009 that I think could possibly be her. I was wondering if there's any way of getting a clear image of this shot, because if it really is my grandmother, I would like to keep it. I didn't post the image up here because I'm just asking a general question, and if Google can do this, please contact me privately and I'll send you the image that I want. Thanks so much guys.
Re: map images question barryhunter 4/13/12 11:57 AM
Unfortunatly no, Google can't help with requests like this. You are not the first to ask.