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Gulf Iranni 5/4/12 12:32 PM

I wish to give you some advice. I think you should change the name of the Mexican Gulf to the Arabian Gulf No. 2 or simply just use " the Gulf" which means the forn Mexican Gulf.
... The reason is very simple:
The Arabs invaded Spain 1,400 years ago. After this invasion , the Spanish-speaking population in Spain , due to the Arabic influence invade the South American countries including Mexico. Therefore, the Mexican Gulf has to be called as Arabian Gulf No. 2 or just the Gulf.

Thanks very much
Re: Gulf webbadboy 5/4/12 1:02 PM
Hey google ! do you know arabs like to change everythings name as they like?!
Yes! it is truth.They even call the google , joojle !!!!!!!!!!
I promise you very soon they call America , emarita or emaratica or some thing like that.
and you must promis me at that time you clear your maps from America.
The money not every things kids.we got that after 7300 years , and you are just in #200 years.
thank you.
Re: Gulf masonicmoron 5/5/12 2:13 AM