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Post Code Boundaries / Shading

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Post Code Boundaries / Shading RuralLass 6/29/12 3:14 PM
I'm sure my Google Maps used to shade out the area of a post code but, recently, this seems to have stopped.  Does anyone know how I switch this functionality back on?
Re: Post Code Boundaries / Shading treebles 6/29/12 3:22 PM
Still does it for me, do you mind providing the post code and country where you are trying to show the boundaries.
Thank you
Re: Post Code Boundaries / Shading RuralLass 6/30/12 7:34 AM
Been experimenting a bit more.  Seems the issue revolves around In Code, versus Out Code i.e. if I input just first part of code (aka LL53), area is highlighted but, if I add the 2nd half of code, shading disappears - which is frustrating.
Re: Post Code Boundaries / Shading barryhunter 6/30/12 9:13 AM
Don't think I've ever seen a full outcode highlighted. I think they derive the boundaries from the point codes for full postcodes. Which are just a point. 

Re: Post Code Boundaries / Shading AndyT8 7/12/12 12:44 PM
Yes the same has happened to me.  I know for sure that Google used to shade right down to the lowest level of postcode like  GU28 1BC but now it will only outline at the (sector ) top level like GU28.  Won't even allow the next digit as in GU28 9.

What a pity as my postcode centre point (centroid is it) is right outside my house which is fine for people wanting to find me but means loads of delivery drivers stop outside and ask where so and so house is.  No house numbers my way only house names out in the country. It was good to be able to show them the range of coverage of even the finest 6 digit postcode.

Posted it as a comment / bug on google maps and awaiting a reply.  That's the trouble with cloud services they change without warning or any possible end user control. One day it works - the next it don't.