Google gives wrong directions

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Google gives wrong directions Kinoyogi 9/12/09 1:50 AM
I used to rely on google maps and directions but twice in a row - it has given me incorrect directions that got me lost. I have just checked another place with Mapquest and Yahoo maps - which give the same directions but the Google directions to this location are incorrect.

I feel that I can no longer trust Google maps. I would think that such a reputable company would maintain better quality assurance.
Re: Google gives wrong directions gheegnohc 10/11/09 3:12 PM
Agree, in one occasion the driving direction is obviously North but Google asked me to follow South. I used my common sense and drove North and reached the destination.  It would be a entirely wrong direction if I've followed Google's advice.  And yes I think Google should take this as a constructive complaint and improve on this, since I still likes to use Google map over other sites.
Re: Google gives wrong directions rustybrick 10/12/09 4:50 AM
Re: Google gives wrong directions Joshua1222 5/5/10 2:57 PM
Definately Agree,

For my work I have to do a lot of road traveling and am very dependent on a capable directions system.  I am a fan of google in general; however when it comes to getting car directions via google maps this system has gotten me lost now three times in a row. I'm done with google maps because professionally I cannot rely on them and most importantly I cannot afford to be late, wondering into gas stations asking for directions at the last minute.  Yahoo has been good, thanks you for the reccomendation....get it together google!
Re: Google gives wrong directions NoThreading 8/4/11 12:38 PM
Agree 100%. Lately I've been taken to the wrong location. When I use Yahoo Maps via the browser it's correct.
Re: Google gives wrong directions Daniel (Google Community Manager) 8/4/11 6:24 PM
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. We are always working to improve the Maps experience. If you do come across incorrect directions, the best way to fix it is to use the "Report a problem" link at the bottom of the directions.