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Google Latitude on mobile platform

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Google Latitude on mobile platform Lea Ann Case 6/16/12 6:05 PM
So Latitude had that big breakdown a few weeks back and was not updating or locating friends.  The issue I'm finding now is that it appears to update only after an hour.  For example, I'll open the app on my IPhone 3GS and Latitude will have found a friend 20 minutes prior.  The app will not update locations for another 40mins or near the 60mins mark, even when I pull down to refresh.  I am the only one with an IPhone, my friends are using Droids.  
Re: Google Latitude on mobile platform tonya73 6/17/12 8:56 PM
I noticed this too and I thought it was odd, but I had no idea there was a breakdown. I am thinking theres another one because now I would give anything for that problem. now all of a sudden the one friend I had on there is no longer there and it keeps sending me phantom friend requests that I cannot accept and now I can no longer see him at all. he can see me and says everything is fine on his end, but out of nowhere in the middle of the night the other night I refreshed the page and this happened. I hope they can help fix this issue as well!