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Location services not working

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Location services not working kz95 5/21/13 8:21 AM

Location services are all turned on but I keep getting the message to enable location services. I have seen that others are having this problem also.
 Is there a fix in the works?
Re: Location services not working barryhunter 5/21/13 8:46 AM
Persuambly you've turned on the general Location setting. 

But have you enabled the seperate one for Google applications? 

They are somewhere different in the menu system, and it varies with device/version. 

For me, Settings > Accounts > Google > Privacy > Location Settings

The general one for all other apps is Settings > Personal > Location Access
Re: Location services not working kz95 5/22/13 6:04 PM
All location settings are turned on/enabled. I should have said that I have a HTC DNA. I've seen posts in other forums about other HTC owners having the same issue. Does anyone know how to contact Google directly? All I can find are these help forums.
Re: Location services not working kz95 5/22/13 9:01 PM
I've had mine since early December, no problems until now.
I have the opposite condition - Google maps will show my location (only with GPS on), the HTC weather app won't.
Good to know this isn't exclusive to HTC, though. Maybe if enough people complain we can get some resolution to the issue.
Re: Location services not working dav M 5/23/13 4:46 AM
This issue is being looked into by Google. See this thread here:!msg/mobile/LEPcl9e3dYE/ETlSqoNXFFQJ
Re: Location services not working Cody Acuff 5/25/13 5:53 PM
I have the same issue on the HTC one everything is on but Google now tells me location services are disabled.
Re: Location services not working Jon Aznar 5/25/13 11:31 PM
Thanks that did the trick. I turned on everything on the general location settings but it was turned off on my Google account.
Re: Location services not working Kevin McGrew 5/26/13 1:19 PM
I am the same issue and I called HTC about it on the onex+ and they said it was the first time they heard about it and the teck tried to see if it could be fixed on his phone and it started messing with other apps. When will they fix it it's messing with other apps now
Re: Location services not working Rebecca Griesel 5/27/13 12:14 AM
Thank you so much. My maps haven't shown where I was at for over a year (I vaguely remember changing this setting tho)and my parents who both work for Verizon couldn't figure out what I had done. Your info helped me fix this setting. Did you know on the motorola max has three different places to approve GPS location? Hahaha I'm funny but thank you again.
Re: Location services not working Rebecca Griesel 5/27/13 12:14 AM
Re: Location services not working Ricardo Padilla 5/27/13 12:34 PM
Thank you sir, much obliged.
Re: Location services not working CC Oleson 5/27/13 11:48 PM
I have the same issue on my LG Optimus G. No idea how to fix it, I've had the phone for a month and this is the first time I've tried to use Google Now. Any ideas? I've done mostly everything on this forum making sure all my location settings are all on, restarted my phone. I haven't restored it recently, but not sure if that'd help.
(unknown) 5/28/13 8:27 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Location services not working JavierD 5/28/13 8:28 AM
Hi everyone, anyone having trouble with getting apps to work using location services (google now, maps, foursquare, etc.) that clearly has "use google location services" checked off, please address your issues here:

This is an ongoing issue, mostly with HTC phones (however there are reports of a few devices), that someone from Google posted that it's indeed an issue caused by one of their updates. 
Re: Location services not working Abby - Google Community Manager 5/30/13 2:27 PM
Hi all,
The mobile team has shared an update to this issue in the Google Mobile Help Forum, which I'm pasting here:

"We've determined that for some users running Android 4.1, the latest update to Google Play services caused Google's location service to stop working in some cases.

For those specific users where Google's location service wasn’t working correctly, we pushed an update which fixes this.

To get the update:

1. Open the Play Store app (version 4.1.10) on your device
2. Restart your device after 1-2 minutes

To verify that the fix has worked, you can open Google Earth, which should give a location fix after you restart the device. 

- Your device will need an active network connection in order for these steps to work. 
- You may have to wait a couple of days to receive version 4.1.10 of the Play Store app.
- To check your version of the Play Store app: Open the Play Store app. Touch Menu (three dots at the top), then select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see your 'Build version.'"

Please let us know if you're still experiencing any issues.
Re: Location services not working Robert Tilliman 5/30/13 6:55 PM
I was having the same issue on my lg lucid 2 and couldn't figure out why so im flipping through my home screen and notice i had a google now widget missing, the card, so i added one and it fixed the issue.
Re: Location services not working Armeniandave 6/22/13 3:24 PM
I'm on the latest version apparently and my GPS still shows me 10 blocks away! This is getting really frustrating. Can't believe that I have all the latest updates and it still doesn't work.
Re: Location services not working Marty Pomeroy 9/15/13 6:02 AM

Armeniandave - Sounds like you are in a city.  In a city,  GPS has problems with the satellite signals reflecting off buildings and messing up your location.  It may not be your phone.

Re: Location services not working Josh Madden 11/23/13 6:53 AM
Good morning everyone, I am having issues with google location services on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Weather widgit does not update weather most of the time and just keeps spinning instead updating. Circle app location stuck on old location most of the time. And when location is working is off by about a footballs field length or more. Very irritating. I want my iphone back. This realy sucks. Im readytosmash this expensive piece ofgarbage.
Re: Location services not working Nasos Pipos 12/7/13 6:37 AM

I have an HTC Desire C. The Location function (without GPS) is usually stucks to a location where I was the previous days.

When I turn on apps like Google Maps, they actually locate me properly. Other apps like the time/weather widget are stuck in an old location.

The problem is fixed only when I restart my phone.
After some days of continuous working without restarting the phone, the problem appears again.
I have tried hard reset and the problem remains.
I just realized that the problem appears when under Applications Running a service called 'NetworkLocationservice' under Google services ( is stopped (after some days of working).

Google Play store current version : 4.4.21