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another unfunctional change to navigation functionality

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another unfunctional change to navigation functionality eroceroc 5/3/12 9:21 AM
Aside from no longer having separate media and navigation volume contorls, here is yet another goofy change that Google decided to throw in the mix with Navigation: When the phone is docked in the car, the "home" button goes to "car home" instead of the home screen with very limited functionality (which, in itself, is annoying) but if one wants to do something (such as check the calendar) on the main home screen, one must hit the back button repeatedly to back all the way to it (also annoying). Here is the kicker: during navigation, we used to be able to back out of the navigation screen without backing out of the process of navigating.... not anymore. Google has decided (why? why? WHY!!!!!) that now, when we hit the back button during navigation, we are forced to back out of navigating altogether.  This is so freaking lame, it is indescribable!!!!!  I realize that they think that this limited car functionality is for safety, but it isn't at all. In fact, it makes it REALLY unsafe because we now have to perform so many more steps to do anything. And forcing us to stop navigating somewhere to do something else is totally unacceptable...     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work some mojo and get this fixed asap.
Re: another unfunctional change to navigation functionality ehg 5/3/12 9:49 AM
I'm going to escalate this "goofy change" to the GoolgeTeam now. Not sure whether and what they can do about.
Hope it can solved too as the other volume related issue  you mentioned.