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Report an Problem fails before submitting issue.

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Report an Problem fails before submitting issue. noel88 4/23/12 10:33 PM

This has come to the final straw. It was bad enough that the directions Google Maps provided are not only wrong, but extremely dangerous (and possibly illegal), but the Report a Problem feature for reporting an issue with the directions only sends me to a Google Error page, and I have to redo the entire map directions again. But when I try to report a problem with the Report a Problem feature, Google is dumbfounded.

I’ve attached images showing the issues. I’m afraid I didn’t take a screenshot of the first Google Error page I encountered when I tried to Report a Problem, because I did not expect the problem to be this large. I’ve pretty much given up at this point, but here’s the message I’ve been trying to send Google when the Report a Problem kept failing. Yes, I did condense the message down to a single sentence, but even that wouldn’t work. Here’s the full message:

I am trying to report an issue with a set of directions given to me by Google Maps. The issue revolves around making dangerous, and unnecessary U-turns. However, every time I Report a Problem, and submit the issue, I get an Google Error page in return, and I have to rebuild my directions all over again; 1 starting point, 3 middle destinations, plus the final destination (5 locations total).

I am happy to help resolve the problems with the directions, but because Google Maps keeps losing it every time I try to Report a Problem. I'm afraid either you'll have to contact me directly (Gmail), or else point me to where I can make a full report of the issue.

I will bring to your attention that my second-to-last destination is 4250 Salem Dallas Hwy NW, Salem, Oregon. This is where Google Maps goes wrong, by directing me to make a U-turn onto a side street that's not even associated with the destination. Google Maps does this twice, once when arriving at the destination, and once when trying to leave. It's a very dangerous stretch of Highway 22 outside of Salem, I would never recommend attempting a U-turn (it may also be illegal).
Here is the correction I tried to submit for arriving at this destination from Salem: “To fix, westbound from Hwy 22, enter the center/turn lane from the left lane, wait for clearing in eastbound lanes, and make left turn into driveway. Using Doaks Ferry Road is absolute nonsense.”
Re: Report an Problem fails before submitting issue. noel88 4/23/12 10:53 PM

Hmm. I'm just now trying to recreate the steps that will send me to the Google Error page (the one I didn't get a screenshot of). However, this time instead of being sent to the Google Error page (different than the attached image named google_maps_double_fail.jpg), my submission actually went through. FINALLY :)

So, I guess I no longer have a problem with the Report a Problem tool. But just in case, here are the missing screen shots that would have otherwise led to the error page. Obviously, I didn't get to take a screenshot of the specific error that the steps illustrated in the attached images would have led to because the error didn't happen this time.

Re: Report an Problem fails before submitting issue. GMapperHF 4/28/12 5:11 AM
The address marker for 4250 was placed slightly down the road away from the proper location.   This seems to be what was causing this effect.    I went into Google Map Maker to see if I could just edit the location, but it looks like somebody already moved it yesterday.

It could be shorter, but it is not uncommon for edits like this to take about 2 months before they are fully synchronized into Google Maps directions.