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Google Maps

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Google Maps napnap 5/13/12 5:00 PM
Dear people in Google,

I think that you have a bug in Google Maps. I can move my objects when I am logged in before pressing EDIT (map) button. I have almost destroyed one of my maps because of that. Thank you in advance.
Re: Google Maps bluequoll 5/14/12 4:13 AM
For specialized assistance with Google Maps please refer to the Google Maps Help Center or post in the Google Maps Product Forum. In this case, I’ll move your question to the appropriate forum.
Re: Google Maps ehg 5/14/12 5:21 AM
@napnap: sounds very strange - but nothings might be impossible though.
Are you able to make a few screenshots showing the effect?
Best on a sample map in order to prevent important maps of your "MyPlaces" of GoolgeMaps.
And please provide the specifics of your browser and Operatings System as well as the sort of computer you're using.