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THE NOTIFICATION LIES! N Studios 6/2/12 9:43 PM

When I open Google Maps on Google Chrome (the latest version), I click on "Enable MapsGL" in the bottom left. It then opens a notification saying "Your system does not meet the performance specifications." I know this is an outright lie, as I know for a FACT that my laptop meets and exceeds all of the requirements, and yet every single time, that stupid notification continues to try and make me believe the bullcr@p it's throwing at me! IT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIAR!!!!! How the hell do I make it stop showing up, because I am SICK of it! And it's only been showing up for 10 minutes!
Re: THE NOTIFICATION LIES! masonicmoron 6/3/12 3:37 AM

Internet connection speed is also an issue with this.

If you have a good connection try closing Maps, clearing your cache in chrome then restarting.

Please let us know what the spec of your PC is?

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