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Multiple destinations

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Multiple destinations svtdoug 2/19/13 1:12 PM
Could really use the ability to set multiple or intermediate destinations. 
Re: Multiple destinations Abby - Google Community Manager 2/22/13 2:07 PM
Hi svtdoug,
Thank you for your suggestion.  This is a great idea, and I'll pass it along to the team.
Re: Multiple destinations Tom Z 2/22/13 2:19 PM
There's an app called BestRoute (one word). This will work for you until Google builds it into Navigation, if that happens.
Re: Multiple destinations [email address] 5/21/13 5:35 PM
I am waiting for this ... like forever!!
Re: Multiple destinations Donald McClure 5/29/13 1:42 PM
Agree. Why would Google get rid of this functionality?
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Re: Multiple destinations Donald McClure 5/29/13 6:47 PM
I was referring to the desktop version. It has always had the ability to have intermediate destinations and now it doesn't.
Re: Multiple destinations Vinay Aggarwal 6/3/13 7:42 PM
I also have to switch back
Re: Multiple destinations Sarah Franzen 6/19/13 5:58 PM
I agree!  We need the multiple destinations capacity with the new google maps.  It would be so great to have it on the iphone app too!
Re: Multiple destinations Andrew Spiteri 6/23/13 6:22 PM
Yeah, this should've been added by now.  Multiple destinations was one of the best features of the old Google maps.
Re: Multiple destinations Tom Tracey 7/8/13 2:11 PM

I am staggered that you think this is presumably a 'new/great idea'. It worked so well on classic maps - why on earth leave it out on the new version?? It was there already - so not new! Who was the idiot who 'decided' to drop this most valuable feature?

I have finally bought an android tablet (to go with my android mobile phone and PC Chrome and Gmail etc., so totally Google/Android! Why oh why is there no multiple destinations - or classic google maps available for android?

Google confidence severely shaken

Re: Multiple destinations dtrwos 7/8/13 3:04 PM
I don't need the complicated route planning functions - just a series of points - that are provided in/as a sequence (ie 3 navigation occurences that are as they are now "here" to there-A, there-A to there-B, thereN to thereN+1)

See the online/web based maps "add a destination" feature (Apparently this got lost in recent shuffles - but it was a nice implementation of a excellent feature)
Re: Multiple destinations Chris Fadden 7/8/13 8:37 PM
Well it has now been almost 5 months and still no sign of multiple destinations on the new maps. I am still using the old maps on my PC but was forced to use the new one on my phone. I am sure you could add it back.
Re: Multiple destinations Philip Pell 7/9/13 9:21 AM
Multiple Destinations is an absolute must - can not understand why this would be removed from "newer" version - bonkers!

Re: Multiple destinations GauravMS 7/14/13 9:03 AM
switched back to old maps on desktop till this is added.

Also would love t see in on the mobile app.
Re: Multiple destinations Wayne ANS 7/16/13 12:52 PM
It's not a "great idea." This was a staple feature of the previous desktop version, and a major tool in my field of home healthcare. I really don't want to have to depend on Mapquest again!  Please present this as soon as possible, and while you're at it, please add it to the mobile version as well. It would greatly increase the independence of my field nurses.
Re: Multiple destinations Felix Mizioznikov 7/16/13 3:46 PM
hey what happened to multiple destinations in the new google maps??? I can only do point a to b???
Re: Multiple destinations barryhunter 7/16/13 3:56 PM

On Tuesday, 16 July 2013 23:46:27 UTC+1, Felix Mizioznikov wrote:
hey what happened to multiple destinations in the new google maps???

Never been added. 
I can only do point a to b???


Remember its just a preview. It doesnt have all features from 'Classic' - yet. 
Re: Multiple destinations Bruce Krysiak 7/16/13 9:20 PM
Yes, it's kind of a bummer - I'm switching back to classic because of this.
Re: Multiple destinations Bordon Alejandro 7/17/13 1:50 PM
I don't understand why it wasn't included from day 1. I am switching back as well
Re: Multiple destinations Joe Satovich 7/19/13 8:02 PM
Yep, switching back due to multiple destinations, even though I like the new format...
Re: Multiple destinations Bruce Horner 8/16/13 8:05 AM
Multiple destinations please.  That was so helpful.  
Re: Multiple destinations Brian Mick 8/20/13 12:39 PM
You're killin me.  Why was this awesome feature removed with the "new and improved version"?
Re: Multiple destinations Tom Tracey 8/21/13 6:50 AM
Abby D, Larry, Sergey, ANYBODY??

Why is nobody listening? Why is this not yet fixed? Do your users/customers not matter?

I am trying to plan extensive road trips in France and Ireland - but cannot on my Android tablet. Unbelievable
Re: Multiple destinations Christa Harmon 8/28/13 6:08 AM
Agreeing that this is a useful feature that should be brought back!
Re: Multiple destinations Ttown-Scamper 8/28/13 8:09 AM
I am now a FORMER user of Google Maps.  Thought I would never see the day that Mapquest and Apple would surpass Google Maps functionality, but the lack of multiple destinations in Google Maps is a FATAL flaw. 

Re: Multiple destinations doubledrat 9/3/13 5:36 AM
I need this too.
and the ability to get at saved routes too please.
it's ridiculous that we can plan a route with modification and multiple stopovers on the desktop, but then can't send it to my mobile and therefore use it!
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