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Bus Routes in Chihuahua México

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Bus Routes in Chihuahua México BetoShock 6/6/12 8:03 PM
(Sorry for my bad English coming) Hello, I'm a person who lives in a small city in Mexico and I would like to receive help from the Google Maps team, this is the only way I found to contact them, please, I'm looking forward in a plan I have: Create a layer of public transport (buses) of my city, I have all the info needed to create a routes layer and  the directions when using public transit for my community ( ). As you, Google, I want to give this knowledge to everyone to use, please respond. Thanks.
Re: Bus Routes in Chihuahua México treebles 6/7/12 5:52 AM
Bus routes on Google Maps are provided by the transit agencies through the Google Maps Transit Partner Program.