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Feature suggestion - zip/postal code for this location

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Feature suggestion - zip/postal code for this location BritUser 12/23/11 9:10 AM
I often need to find the exact UK postcode of a location, like a street corner or building or address from Google Maps or Street View. The closest I can get is right click and "What's here" but for most locations that gives a regional postcode not an exact one (XX0 0 rather than XX0 0XX) which isn't much help. I think other countries also have ZIP or postal codes that are exact to a small number of houses, maybe they have the same problem.

Is it possible to update this so we can get exact postcodes for all locations? Right now I'm having to do it via which is clumsy but works, highlight a point, right click, and it sends it to which displays the co-ordinates as an exact precise postcode.

Clumsy and crude, but works, I wish Google Maps had this as I often need to look up exact postcodes for places I know, to give to other people for their SatNavs.