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Exit 163B Pronunciation?

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Exit 163B Pronunciation? EarlGrei 6/28/12 7:32 PM
During my Navigation around the city of Green Bay I find that an exit with a Trailing 'B' is pronounced incorrectly.  My fiance's TomTom does not do this and Google Nav did not before the voice updates.  More or less just an FYI but also looking for confirmation that I'm not going crazy.  (Partially Deaf).
Re: Exit 163B Pronunciation? Tom Z 6/28/12 9:07 PM
What does it say?  It seems to work here on the expressways in Chicago. It will announce "Exit 33A".  Does not say the letter B?

Re: Exit 163B Pronunciation? Fitch 6/29/12 1:45 PM
I just figured out what it's saying-- "bytes!" "Exit 33B" it now says, on ICS Navigation and above, "Exit 33 bytes" - so it's trying to read it smartly but not so smart for navigation.
Re: Exit 163B Pronunciation? Tom Z 6/30/12 8:22 PM
I've had strange things like that happen also. Sometimes it will pronounce the , (comma)  very odd.