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sugested option: Show gas consumption

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sugested option: Show gas consumption dml22 7/31/12 9:49 AM
I'd like to suggest a "show gas consumption" option for the google maps directions

You could use an industry average of car mileage to show how much gas a specific route would use, or you could get fancy and give users the option of selecting their car's make and model to have more accurate mileage data. 

If you really wanted to get fancy you could also source data on the price of gas at local gas stations so users can estimate the cost of their trips. 

Re: sugested option: Show gas consumption LizPaxton 10/6/12 12:50 PM
I agree and just noticed that map quest has this function and it works really well.  You can even look up your car and save multiple vehicles to be able to use different ones with different mileages.

Google Maps, you should do this too!
Re: sugested option: Show gas consumption masonicmoron 10/6/12 1:03 PM

There is already an option for cost you can change the fuel costs and MPG

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