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Announcing Google+ Local Jade W. 5/30/12 6:49 AM
Hi guys,

Today we’re rolling out Google+ Local, a new way for you to find and share local information across Google. You can find Google+ Local in Search, Maps, mobile, and as a tab in Google+. When you search for a place in Google Maps, you’ll see local Google+ pages, with Zagat ratings and reviews from people you trust. Happy exploring!

Learn more at at the Google+ Local Help Center.

Feel free to post your questions and feedback right here on this thread, or via the gear icon > “Send Feedback” in Google+ Local. We’re reading every piece.

Google+ Local Community Manager

Re: Announcing Google+ Local derp2012 5/31/12 2:19 PM
I have someone managing my google place listing. When you search for that listing via phone number in maps, the listing appears. When you click on more info, it brings you to the Google+ page that google automatically merged with the places account. I know that because i see some of the same pictures and information that normally appear in my places listing. Here is my concern. Several months ago I created my own google+ profile. I would like that page with its pictures and info to appear when someone searches and clicks on my google place listing, not the page google automatically has chosen. Please help.
Re: Announcing Google+ Local Jade W. 5/31/12 3:00 PM
@derp2012 - Right now, it's possible to have 2 pages on Google+: a local Google+ page (formerly Places listing) and a Google+ page (not profile) that a business owner makes for his or her business. We're planning on (and working on functionality now) merging those pages, so business owners have just one page to maintain. Hope that helps!
Re: Announcing Google+ Local derp2012 6/1/12 7:22 AM
Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you are working on a solution so their is just one page to maintain.  Since the google+ pages can be indexed, which google plus page do you feel is more pertinent or relevant in google's eyes...the one that they automatically merged with the google places or the separate google+ page that was created months ago that is manageable and contains more pictures and info of the business?? My point is, even though the google+ page that merged with the maps can be managed to some degree by logging into the places account, for full functionality I believe you would need to create a separate account which would be different than your other google+ page login.
Announcing Google+ Local JeffMan126 6/2/12 2:19 PM
The new stuff seems cool but tt appears that I can no long submit place reviews without authorizing my full name and photo to be shown on my reviews. I think this is a terrible idea. People might be afraid to post honest, negative reviews or reviews for embarrassing places like gynocologysts, strip clubs, adult stores, gay bars, etc. Please restore the only pseudoname review system.
Re: Announcing Google+ Local naalex00 6/3/12 8:23 PM
Very nice work Google Team. I'm excited to see where this goes. Do you have any plans to really turn Google+ Local into a fully-fledged, "places" database? Writing review for places is one way to get a handle on recommended places, but there need to be better ways to manage one's bucket of places. Some features that would help to really make this useful (and awesome):

  1. Combine similar but disparate services - We should be able to save places to a single database/notebook/list/whatever. Right now you can a) write a review in Google+ Local or b) mark a place with a star on My Places in Maps, but doing either of these functions doesn't save them to a combined database. It's messy and inefficient to have separate lists in separate Google applications. Ideally, we should be able to save any place to our database, and we should be able to review it or not. We should be able to save places that we haven't been to yet and thus can't review. While starring places in My Places is simple enough, looking at a map of starred locations all over a map isn't that useful.
  2. Tags (or Labels) - To help organize this great list of places that we will be saving and reviewing, we should be able to tag places so can keep our hopefully expanding list of places organized and easily searchable. For instance, if there's a new bar that my friend Bob recommends in Neighborhood X, I would tag it "New","Bar","Bob Rec","Neighborhood X", or whatever one wanted to. You've already got a slick Labels system in Gmail, so do the same thing for Local!
  3. Custom Notes - We should be able to add custom notes to any saved place where we can jot down favorite dishes, or when we went there last--Pretty much anything. Adding links would be great, for example to the magazine article that mentioned the place.
  4. Search & Sort - With everything tagged, I should be able to search through my saved places by my tags, Zagat rating, city, etc. And, we should be able to sort the list by tag, date added, etc. For example, I could search for "New",'Bar","London", and I could sort this returned list by when I added them.
  5. Proximity Search - This would make this awesome! We should be able to search our saved places by the fields I mentioned above, AND be able to specify places within a certain radius of our current location or some other location. For example, I could do a search for "New, Bar" within 1 mile of my location while using my Android phone, and it will give me all the places I've saved to my list.
  6. Tie into Google+ - Here's where this service could become killer. If I share my "Lists" with my friends on Google+, they can also do searches of my places that I've made share-able. Tags would be difficult to share between users, so let's say I'm able to mark any place I save as "Recommended" (not a tag, but a formal Places flag), and Local automatically categorizes saved places by type (e.g. bar, restaurant, park etc.). Then my friend Bob could do a search for of my recommended bars in a certain neighborhood or within a specified radius of his location, and see a list and/or map of any hits! This would be incredible! And it would encourage people to use Google+ so they can have access to their friends' wealth of recommendations.
I hope these suggestions were useful. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you will take this.
Re: Announcing Google+ Local naalex00 6/3/12 8:37 PM
I just figured out that you can see places that you've rated in My Places on Maps! One things to cross off. And I like how you can see places that you've checked-in from. 

However, it's a bit unclear what the difference is between starring and rating. It would seem that all rated places should be also starred?. For instance, when I look at my list of rated places, the map doesn't change to reflect the list of rated places that I'm looking at. It just shows all the places that I've starred. 
Re: Announcing Google+ Local treebles 6/3/12 9:02 PM
Starred places are just locations that you marked on the map
Rated places are businesses for which you wrote a review and gave a rating.

You can see you starred items as a list on

You can see the reviews you made as a list on
Re: Announcing Google+ Local Courtney Engle 6/6/12 11:25 AM
I'd love the HotPot interface back to encourage reviewers to submit more easily.
Re: Announcing Google+ Local MarkDickinson 6/13/12 8:12 PM
Looks awesome! Thanks Jade
Re: Announcing Google+ Local MarkDickinson 6/13/12 8:14 PM
Jade- can you advise. i had a 29/30 rating, and today I can not find my google business listing or all of my reviews? I was contacted by google maps today, (thought it was a telemarketer) and told her that there was no business. and She deleted the account

Re: Announcing Google+ Local link1305 6/23/12 1:20 PM
Is there an interface to view all of my starred places (like how the old displayed it, circa a couple weeks ago)?  I'm not talking about viewing starred places in google maps - that isn't acceptable.  I use stars to indicate restaurants I want to visit, and it was so easy to see which I hadn't been to, which I had rated, etc.  Now I can't find my starred places *anywhere* in google plus. With the old interface I could browse through all my starred places while seeing the ratings and location. The google maps list shows the name and that's all.
Re: Announcing Google+ Local RYA10 6/24/12 11:14 AM
Hello Jade,

Could you please tell me what to do? My listing has been removed from Google Maps. No place page is found and it says: "We no longer support this location". What does this mean? How can I get my place page and reviews back?
Re: Announcing Google+ Local Jade W. 6/25/12 7:34 PM
Hey guys,

If you're experiencing problems with your listings, best way to get them fixed is to go through our troubleshooter ( A member of our support team will get back to you in 1-2 weeks.

Also -- try the Google and Your Business forum (!forum/business) to chat with other business owners and some expert volunteers.

Re: Announcing Google+ Local MarkDickinson 9/30/12 6:32 AM
Hi Jade, I've done that back in June, still looking at the same thing :( that didnt work or its VERY SLOW