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submit payment information... johnmcyo 11/9/09 10:19 AM
Hello, our organization has been accepted for the Google Grants and we've set up the adwords account.
But we have been in the "Submit payment information" stage for few weeks.
In the directions, we've been told to skip payment information, is there something else that needs to be done?
Re: submit payment information... Ms.M 11/11/09 5:52 AM
I am also in the same predicament. I've been waiting 10 weeks when I was told the wait for account activation would be 3 to 6.
Re: submit payment information... trevor.putnoky 11/30/09 11:08 AM
I'm also having this problem and I can't figure out who to contact about it. Have either of your problems been resolved?
Re: submit payment information... steph helms 12/3/09 5:36 AM
I am also puzzled by this. How can one get an answer?
Re: submit payment information... ImJustRestless 12/10/09 3:33 PM
We have been approved for the Grant program and have began setting up our Campaigns & Ad Groups.

The alert message continues to appear in our Campaign Manager, asking to complete billing info.
As stated in the application directions, we have not entered any details. 

What steps must we take so that we may begin running our campaigns?

Thank you -
Re: submit payment information... BillingQuestion 12/12/09 6:13 AM
I am having the same problem.  I'm worried we will lose our grant.  I've done everything else but cannot continue without entering my billing information.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: submit payment information... patrickberlin08 12/14/09 7:44 AM
Same issue here.
Re: submit payment information... ImJustRestless 12/14/09 3:04 PM
Here is an update to my earlier post.

This came from one of the original Welcome email sent:


It typically takes 3-9 hours for a grantee to familiarize themselves with the AdWords system and build their account. Please set aside the necessary time to ensure your success in this program. Once you have completed the account creation process, please submit your account for review. We ask that you submit your completed account within 30 days.


Please ensure that your account adheres to all of the guidelines specified in the Account Submission Checklist (included in the guide) before submitting your account for review. Accounts that do not meet every one of the criteria specified in the submission checklist will not be approved.


To complete the setup process, please submit your account via the Google Grants Account Submission web-form at:

Once you submit this form - you should be ready for Google to "activate" your account.

at this point, It has been 4 days since submitting the account from the above link.
I have yet to receive any support, or correspondence from Google regarding this matter.

Re: submit payment information... nycska 12/15/09 7:17 AM
Are any Google folks reading these posts? Are Google staffers aware that a bunch of nonprofits have devoted a lot of time and energy to the Google Grants program only to be left out in the cold? Google: please operate your Google Grants program in a considerate and forthright manner or take it off the market.  
Re: submit payment information... ImJustRestless 12/15/09 9:39 AM
Here's the latest - A response from support team sent AFTER submitting for approval:

Subject: We have received your Account Submission request
Please do not reply back to this email.

Thank you for building your account and submitting it for review.

Because of the high level of interest in our program, it may take up to
three months before we notify you by email about the status of your
account. In the meantime, we're not able to respond to requests for
information about the status of your account. Please do not resubmit your
account during this time.

Please do not enter payment information, such as a credit or debit card
number, into your Google Grants AdWords account at any time despite
automated messages you may receive from our system. If you input credit
card information, you will be financially responsible for any charges that
accrue on your credit card.

Thank you again for your interest in Google Grants, we look forward to
reviewing your account.

The Google Grants Team

---- We will continue to wait for this process to be activated.
Re: submit payment information... TU Dave 12/15/09 10:07 AM
Google Grants should simply email this response out to ALL Google Grantees.  I don't like the answer, 3 months is a long time, but at least NOW I KNOW.  It is WAY too hard to find answers to Google stuff. Google Grants is a wonderful program, but it appears there's a need to invest some of those Google resources in getting more help for the Google Grants team!
Re: submit payment information... Handy Annie 12/15/09 8:07 PM
Thank you all for the feedback. We are in the process of updating our resources and emails to be more transparent on the account creation process and the timing of the account reviews.

To address the concerns in this forum, please refer to the following messaging:

Please do not submit billing information after you create your AdWords account. You will skip this section in your account build and ignore any messages or notifications suggesting to submit billing information. Once you finish building your AdWords account and you submit your account for review via the online webform, our team of Account Reviewers will ensure it meets our guidelines. When it is approved by our team, your account will be activated, you will be notified, and the messaging will disappear from your account.

The current wait time for account reviews is 2-4 weeks. Please understand as submission volume varies, so will our turnaround times.

Continue to use this forum as a way to provide feedback our processes!

-Handy Annie

Re: submit payment information... ImJustRestless 12/20/09 2:53 PM
Thank you Handy Annie for your response. 

To the rest reading this thread:

It has now been approx 1 week since our submission and are still awaiting approval.

Re: submit payment information... cgwestside 12/29/09 12:42 PM
The Answer:
In your original email notification re the grant award, there is a link that Google provided you with that you need to click on after you have created your campaigns and are getting the message that asks for payment info.   Don't give payment info. Click on the link in the original email and that will take you to a form. Fill out that form and submit- here is the link for anyone that has lost the original email.

After you submit that form, you will get an email acknowledging reciept pretty quickly. It will still take up to 3 months to get the final approval. But, hey, we are getting free google ads!
Re: submit payment information... CarolinianShakes 1/8/10 6:12 PM
It seems we are all in the same boat.  I filled out all the required information, excluding billing, and set up our account back in November.  Haven't heard a thing.  Considering that it was this time last year that I applied for the grant and they didn't get back to me until November, this seems to be a trend.  If they have so little staff, perhaps they should not grant so many Google Grants to so many organizations, rather than get over-whelmed and behind like this.  Of course, that is too sensible, and it would probably leave a lot of people complaining why have they been rejected?  Then again, we in the non-profit world are used to rejection, aren't we?  I was just really counting on those ads to start this month.
Re: submit payment information... tma-site 2/10/10 1:53 PM
We were approved in May of 2009. The adwords account with two corrected keyword accounts have been there for over 7 months. We have been waiting 7 months with that same "To activate your account and start running your ads, enter your billing information." message in the adwords account, every time we log in!!!!

Hate to complain about something free, but this is a little off.
Re: submit payment information... parkus 2/10/10 2:43 PM
Those who haven't been approved... have you guys done
After filling that form out. We were approved pretty quickly after that.
Re: submit payment information... tma-site 2/10/10 3:43 PM
Hey parkus, we did that form after carefully creating the 2 campaigns. Sent an email to Hoping they get to it.
Re: submit payment information... TCGtheatre 6/2/10 11:16 AM
Same as everyone else.  No word about anything from anyone and no way to contact anyone.  Just sitting here.  Anyone from Google here that could help? 
Re: submit payment information... beenlouis 8/18/10 5:34 PM
I have recently had out adwords submission was not approved and the ONLY error was that our "account currently includes credit card information." However, we have not submitted any CC information. I have even gone back and double checked and no credit cards were entered into the account. Do I still have to create a whole new account?
Re: submit payment information... Aieonlus 10/12/10 12:44 AM
I can't skip the billing info section.
How can I procede creating the account if it doesn't let me go on?
Re: submit payment information... marla at CFK 2/10/11 7:33 AM
We can't get past the billing information needed either and don't want to lose our grant either?  I can't go any further in creating our account to submit because it keeps saying you must enter your billing information first?
Does ANYONE know what to do?  Frustrated.
Re: submit payment information... lost boys foundation 3/1/11 2:22 PM
My ads are already running, but I was never directed to a payment prompt. I think that's because we had a previous account with a posted credit card that I can't seem to remove because we still use it for our email account. How can I avoid being charged for our Google grants on this credit card? We only have one email address.
Re: submit payment information... marla at CFK 3/4/11 7:07 AM
How did you get the prompt past the billing section required?  do we need to start all over again?
Re: submit payment information... vsjf 5/2/11 9:21 AM
I've been waiting for one year, stuck in the activation phase due to being instructed to NOT put in billing information, even though Adwords is waiting for me to put in billing info. Still no word from Google Grants. Is there an actual human being that I can talk to? How do you contact them, other than this hardly moderated forum?
Re: submit payment information... Grants Team 5/4/11 3:16 PM
Hi Everyone,

Due to the specialized process in creating an AdWords account for Google Grants, you must not submit billing information. Please ignore any notifications suggesting that you submit billing information. Once your account is reviewed, approved and activated, you will be notified and the billing messaging will be removed from your account. 

Very Important:  After you have created your Google Grants account, you must submit it via the online webform for the Google Grants team to review. If you created an account but did not submit it via the webform, then your account will not be in queue to be reviewed or activated. 

If you applied through Google for Nonprofits, submit your account for review through the Google Grants enrollment page on the Google for Nonprofits site:

If you applied to the Google Grants program directly (prior to 3/17/2011), submit your account for review here:

Re: submit payment information... SharonGo 5/17/11 3:00 PM
Hello Google team
I went thru the whole process.
I entered the customer ID at but when I clicked on the enroll button I didnt get any response. How do I know You guys got my account for review?
Please reply and thank you
Re: submit payment information... ManateeCAA 6/23/11 7:30 AM
I was waiting for weeks only to find this information.  It was the mising piece I was looking for...
Re: submit payment information... fawnio 7/5/11 6:13 AM
Im going through the same problem - my account was approved less then 2 weeks ago but when I click on the review link they sent with my approval email I get the following message:
"The content that was previously on this page has been moved.
Please note that Google Grants has moved under the umbrella of the Google for Nonprofits program, which bundles a suite of Google products available to nonprofits for free."
I also get this message when I click  and is a dead link. Pulling my hair out here as I spent ages setting up the account!
Please help
Re: submit payment information... NOSHC 7/28/11 10:48 AM
Same issue
Re: submit payment information... Simon - Rhino 7/28/11 12:50 PM
I think you'll have to do what the page says.  All the work you did setting up your Google Adwords account is not lost, you just need to get approved for Google for Nonprofits before you can use it.   You were caught a little bit in the move-over but I think that is the only option.
Re: submit payment information... fawnio 8/3/11 3:24 AM
I cant apply for google non-profits as we arent headquartered in US - but am apparently entitled for the grant as we are in UK! This is becoming ridiculous - I was approved for the grant in June which was well after the crossover and the link that I received to send the adwords account for review is no longer valid. I spent so much time on the account and it seems to have been for nothing. Would really appreciate some contact from Google - it is crazy that there is no easier communication mechanism than this.
Re: submit payment information... fawnio 8/3/11 3:53 AM
Hurrah- stumbled across this link which worked :
Give it a go! Finally got there!
Re: submit payment information... Jenni1125 10/1/11 10:08 AM
Despite my good friend working at Google, nobody seems to be able to help me or my organization. I have been waiting months and months and am still stuck with the same message everyone else sees, regarding the billing.
Re: submit payment information... Simon - Rhino 10/1/11 2:35 PM
How long ago did you enroll the account?

What country is your nonprofit from?
Re: submit payment information... Jessica V 12/5/11 4:39 PM
Hi Fawnio and all organizations who are trying to submit their Grants AdWords accounts for review by the Google Grants team,

You are correct that the old account submission page is no longer active. That is because the process for reviewing submitted Google Grants AdWords accounts was updated early in 2011 as a result of the launch of Google for Nonprofits. You should have received an email to this effect, but I do apologize if you haven't seen one as they're sometimes lost to Spam filters.

A little background here is that Google Grants is one product in the suite of products now under the umbrella of Google for Nonprofits. In order to activate an account with any of our philanthropic products, you now have to be approved for Google for Nonprofits in order to enroll in the individual products, including Google Grants.

As for the process of having your account reviewed for activation, we'll ask you to apply for Google for Nonprofits first (even though you've already been approved for Google Grants), and once approved (the turnaround time is less than a week) follow this process:
  1. Go back to
  2. Click Check your status or enroll in offerings here
  3. Login using the email address used to apply to Google for Nonprofits
  4. Click “Enroll Now” next to your application status
  5. Click on “Enroll now” next to Google Grants
  6. Enter the AdWords ID (xxx-xxx-xxxx) you used to build your Grants AdWords account and email contact information in the fields provided
This will set your account up to be reviewed and, if approved, activated by our team. If it can't be approved, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to fix it so that it can be activated.

Just remember: Do not enter billing information at any time, even though you'll see a red warning bar prompting you to do so. This appears because Google Grantees participate in the same system as paying advertisers and we don't have a method for removing this warning for you. However, once your account has been reviewed and activated by our team, the warning bar will go away and your account will run for free in the AdWords system.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!
Re: submit payment information... TaraMVL 1/30/12 7:29 AM
Sorry to sound like a complete idiot by I am really confused. We to were accepted for a grant and I followed all the processes in the email (now inputting payment details as requested). When I finished the email I had been sent told me to click on the link for review and activation, which I did. It then takes you to the page to tell you that you now have to sign up to Google Not For Profit. We are not eligible for Google Not FOr Profit as we are based in the uk. Can someone please tell me what I do now as my account won't activate because I haven't entered billing information and then link doesn't work!!

Thank you
Re: submit payment information... Robert Coats 1/30/12 12:03 PM
Hi TaraMVL,
No, you do not sound like a complete idiot at all. It sounds like you were sent the wrong email and the submission link was for US based organizations.

You should be able to submit your UK account here:

One thing, however; You had mentioned about "inputting payment details as requested". DO NOT, put in any payment information. This will turn your grant account into a paid account. Please follow the steps in the Account Creation Guide VERY carefully or your account will not be approved.

All the best,
Re: submit payment information... TaraMVL 1/31/12 12:14 AM
Many thanks  - I didn't enter payment info and I have used the link and it looks like we are all up and running!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Re: submit payment information... Robert Coats 1/31/12 9:28 PM
Hi Tara,
You are very welcome!

Feel free to reach out if you need anything else.
Re: submit payment information... hughmility 5/10/12 7:03 PM
I seem to be having the same problem except my organisation is from Australia, i.e. we don't have an EIN number so I cant use googlefornotforprofits. Does this mean my last 4 hours spent filling out adwords was a complete waste of time? I just can't seem to submit anywhere
Re: submit payment information... Robert Coats 5/11/12 8:55 AM
Hi hughmility,
You can find the Australian Grants program here:

Did you try enrolling for the Grants program through the link above? If not, I would love to hear the process that led you to the Google For Nonprofits program as this will help the team to better stream line the application process for organizations outside the US.

All the best,

Re: submit payment information... SRD-1975 6/13/12 12:26 AM
It is literally impossible to create a Google Adwords account without submitting billing information.

There is no "skip billing information for now" link.

The best you can do is to set manual payments.  And due to us setting manual payments, our account application was refused.

Repeat: There is no "skip billing information for now" link when you get to the billing section on Adword account creation process.  You have to choose *something*, and the least billing-like is manual payments, which gets your application refused.

Frustrating...and nonsense.
Re: submit payment information... YoursLovingly 7/10/12 3:50 AM
Mee Tooo
Re: submit payment information... jimmcgcanberra 7/15/12 8:22 PM
Hi Robert - I've had the same issue as everyone else (I'm in Australia), but have now submitted through this link, son fingers crossed.
Re: submit payment information... SAGFoundation 11/9/12 12:54 PM
What happens if I want to supplement my free advertising with paid?  If I enter billing information will I break our Adwords for Nonprofits account?
Re: submit payment information... Robert Coats 11/14/12 1:47 PM
Hi SAGFoundation,
Yes, you can set up a separate paid AdWords account. This is something that I recommend to many of my grantee clients so that they can run display ads on Google Display Network. Do NOT however, enter any billing information into your current grant account, it will deactivate it.

All the best,
Re: submit payment information... mcsdc 2/26/13 8:36 AM

I have read discussion boards many times and am thoroughly confused by what to do next.  I have been notified that my non-profit has been approved for google grants, I have set up adwords acount and first ad campaign, but I am unable to get past the billing page and do not see a place on my google non-profit page where I should submit it to the google grants team.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: submit payment information... Robert Coats 3/2/13 8:40 PM
Hi mcsdc,
Follow the steps outlined in the Account Creation Guide and you will do fine. If you do not follow the steps exactly as outlined, it can be a little confusing.

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