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Did I botch my AdWords account?

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Did I botch my AdWords account? BOMA Kath 3/7/12 8:32 AM
Our organization was approved for Google Nonprofits and I set up our free AdWords account. This morning I started setting up our first campaign, using the "Grants Account Creation Guide." Everything went well, until I got to billing. I did not see the recommended "set up billing later" button, so I entered "United States" as the location of our billing address. I hoped this would take me to a page where I would see "set up billing later." Instead, it took me one page deeper into the billing section. An AdWords customer service rep told me my account has now been rendered ineligible and I need to start over with a new AdWords account. Is this true? And if so, how do I delete this tainted account and set up a new one? 
Re: Did I botch my AdWords account? Robert Coats 3/7/12 2:14 PM

Hi BOMA Kath,

Typically, you would have to set up a new AdWords account if you had entered billing information.

However, in this case you might be able to contact the grants team directly via the contact form with your specific account information and they may be able to look into it for you. Be sure to send them the permalink for this thread as well.

All the best,